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It's got a lot of people's DNA on it, so you choose and then this is the last item. Okay. The boxes. One item is about one item. Yes. Paltrow's. How dare you dare you on love you. This is a copy. This is these are all the complete collection of first and ten all eighty episodes for every member in the audience. Eighty episodes of I ten on DVD starving for everybody, but I have close to enough for people who have DVD players. Okay, so raise your DVD player at Kurtz going to walk around, give each of you first in ten. The I eighty episode wait is that the right expression that eighty? It's gotta be every. Every episode. Yeah. But definitely stay on that side of the room because AOL brought name tags. This side of the room should suffer. Yeah, you're doing great guys. There's a test on first and ten later. If you take it, I'm gonna. Fuck and quiz you when I'm meet. You don't. Dare you take that. This is like, who knows at growl imposed a mask of the red death. Thank you. Walk into a venue and everybody's like, hey, it's cool. It's a masquerade party. And then somebody gave you a thing that fucking kills you..

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