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And she said she was she's looking forward to a second lap of the tour and not having to ask where everything is all the time and just not feeling like a newcomer everywhere she goes and I can so relate to that and I really hope an extra level of comfort on the tour is comforting to her. So yeah, she heads on to grass now. She said she definitely intends to play. Birmingham, whether she signs up for another event Nottingham perhaps before then remains to be seen. Just quickly in while we're in Brit corner, Cameron norrie was a winner today. He was dragged into a bit of a scrap, wasn't he against Jason kubler, but one through in straight sets, plays Karen of next big opportunity to reach the second week of Islam that. For the first time. Yeah. Yeah, I think it's great opportunity. I mean, I tried to put to him that is this the biggest match of your career so far in that you've never reached one. He wasn't really getting with that. Will you always, when he's reached third rounds, he's always running to. Nadal in Australia and Nadal here, I think, and then Federer at Wimbledon. Yeah. I wish him well that would be a massive win. And okay, well, while we're in British corner, Andy Murray did some tweeting today. He tried to call a Benoit paire press conference. No one was hearing it, so he took to Twitter instead. Yes. This is what Andy Murray said to say, we don't do dwell too long on it, but he says I follow golf very closely and closely and have no idea how many ranking points the winner of the masters gets. Me and my friends love football. Which is such a sort of primary school thing to say, isn't it? And none of us know or care how many ranking points a team gets for winning the FIFA World Cup. But I could tell you exactly who won the World Cup and the masters. I'd hazard a guess that most people watching on center court at Wimbledon. And a few weeks time wouldn't know or care about how many ranking points of play gets for winning a third round match. But I guarantee they will remember who wins Wimbledon. Wimbledon will never be an exhibition and will never feel no connect exhibition. And then he says the end, although he then did do some more to eating. Really? He did. He did some, he did some responding to people, which I just don't ever think is a good idea on Twitter. Unless it's the sort of jazz hands emoji in response to people being nice. He mardy fish responded to him his point about, you know, no one could tell you I could tell you he heard won the World Cup in the masters, et cetera, et cetera, but couldn't tell you how many ranking points and muddy fish said, perhaps but the players do. And Andy Murray responded. Absolutely the plays do. I don't dispute that. I'd rather play for points, however it's not the be all and end all. Do you think the top goal for golfers would still play the masters if there was no points would meet up Pereira rather have won the PGA Championship and had no point or finished third and got however many ranking points he got. I could be wrong, but I don't think any tennis player is serving for Islam title and he footballer taking a penalty in a World Cup shooter or any golfer ting off on the 18th hole of a major was thinking about ranking points. It's still not the end. What's making them nervous in my opinion is the possibility of winning an historic slash prestigious event in the sport they love, and have trained most of their life for, not the thought of the ranking points. I think the player field at Wimbledon will reflect this anyway. Congrats to all the players that are 90 80 P and WTA ranking points at Roland Garros today. And that actually is the end, although he then does keep replying to mardy fish. Right. Starts talking about the Saudi Arabian gulf league. Anyway, head to Andy Murray's Twitter if you want to hear. Sometimes he just sort of has a day. He does. That's it all. Which is very much my approach to Twitter as well. So it objectively, I see that it's weird, but I also totally understand. Back to the women's draw, manda and miss him over. Backed up the win over Naomi Osaka a couple of days ago with a smooth silk demolition of qualified Donna vekic PS, how he's done a vecchio qualifier. She now plays Karolina mooka. Oh, that's an interesting match. It is, particularly as mukha beat Maria thackeray today in I've just done a double take on this because my notes say two grueling sets. But in my head, it was an epic three setter. It was as epic a straight sets match can possibly be. Yeah, it was. It was the match of the day, really, until alcaraz did his thing. It really gripped me for those two and a half hours. It was such a contrast in a saccharine attacks every ball with all her might and is very tight on the court and much of a sort of caresses the ball, and sometimes you think, oh, go for it a bit more. Be a bit be a bit more tight on the court. I want a bit more from milk. It's a bit fangirl. She's almost too relaxed sometimes. And yet it just made this wonderful contrast, then honestly, I don't see much of it was the better player throughout. I really felt like Zachary was hanging on and the reasons she made the sets close is that she plays so well when she's behind in the score because she loosens up and she kept mounting these sort of mini comebacks to take them take both sets into tiebreaks. But there is a very talented player and she has all the variety that I don't think Zachary particularly enjoys sly she can come to the net you can hit the ball with spins, you can play with angles and that is not something which enjoys coming up against. And I think doesn't she saccharine. She does because your back herself in those and I would back her in most of those as well, but muca var is kind of perplexing player. I think largely because she's so often injured, you know, we don't really we don't really know how good she could be because she does something like this and then poof, she's kind of gone again in a few weeks and she never seems to build on anything. There's never any momentum, but she's always capable of producing a result like this. Yeah, two hours 28 minutes that much. And it was taking place at the same time. As Alexander zverev sort of slow lolloping fight back against Sebastian Baez and the sort of the contrasted the rhythms of three tennis versus 5 set tennis were incredibly stark to me in that moment. You had in our positions in the press room..

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