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A little of it not it just doesn't sit well my stomach so and you know what last night that late late ending heroics by the dodgers can't imagine that sitting well and aj hingis stomach this morning either as a series is tied it's definitely going back to la and a pivotal game five tonight a lotta drama there so let me just let me let me get to what i really want to talk about this one of the and and the world series game was fantastic hopefully you enjoyed it but we tend to be a football show we tend to be a heavy heavy football show do a lotta nfl a lot of college and we're going to do with today will do a lotta nfl gonna do a lot of college and i'm gonna give you the opportunity to speak but before we get to the great college action of yesterday which by the way was there was some fantastic stuff that really has let's just say the world has been shaken in the world a college football we'll get to it but can i just say and i am just i'm going to speak is respectfully as i can i'm going to attempt not to name call 'cause i think name calling is is is beneath it and i think that's when conversation stops and i think that's all that like our political system has become but i am absolutely flabbergasted and floored at what's going on with the houston texans and i'll get into this later with you more but the.

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