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Futuristic stuff it's a great conversation about all of this it's also in amazing book with a wonderful forward from you've all know a harari who is the author of sapiens which is an extraordinary book you've got should i'll pick up as well in any event if you enjoyed my podcast with bruce friedrich of the good food institute that was about a year ago then i think you guys are going to really dig the swan but before we dive into it today's episode of the podcast is brought to you by health iq life insurance for the active and healthy you know it's amazing when it comes to life insurance being active being into things like running weightlifting yoga eating plantbased these things have traditionally had zero impact on benefiting your rates which is crazy that's insane right well not anymore introducing health iq this really cool new life insurance company designed to serve and reward those who live an active healthy conscious lifestyle and in so doing inspire health literacy across the world so how do these do it well the use science and data to get lower rates on life insurance for the healthconscious including those who exercise four times a week through cycling weightlifting swimming and running they focus on you non your family history they even help endurance athletes with low resting heart rates get better rates an they offer special rates for vegans for plantbased people which is pretty unique and kinda awesome so don't overpay for life insurance to learn more and get a free quote good health iq dot com four role that health iq the letters iq dot com slash role check it out and see which special plans you qualify for today's episode has also brought to you by the undies meoni's are the most comfortable and fun undies you in your significant other will ever own they're made from the softest materials on earth were talking threetime softer than cotton soft valentine's day it's coming up what are you going to get what are you going to do unity the roses thing going to do the chocolate.

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