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Nine seven good afternoon it is five o'clock I'm Pamela for with your top stories there are now twenty three hundred eighty nine confirmed cases of covert nineteen in the state of Tennessee and a total of twenty three deaths CMA fest has been canceled this year this is according to the event planners to say quote we cannot in good conscience risk the health and well being of our fans artists staff in country music community of course CMA fest is a huge boost for the local economy and cancellations like this are taking a toll now during the state of metro twenty twenty address today mayor John Cooper says the March third tornado outbreak code nineteen outbreak and pre existing revenue shortfalls mean tough decisions lie ahead let me be direct the budget ordinance that will be filed with the council in April will sharply increase the property tax rate from its current historically low level the final amount will be determined with the best information available but it will be substantial federal public health department officials announced today a total number of five hundred forty one confirmed cases in Nashville that's an increase of ninety eight cases in the past twenty four hours in other news stocks had another down day on Wall Street Steve guesstimate on reports that the closing bell brought the first quarter to an end and it was not good on the last day of the first quarter of the year the Dow Jones industrial average closed down four hundred and ten point two one point eight percent the S. and P. five hundred dropped another one point six percent and the nasdaq lost nearly one percent the Dow and S. and P. five hundred had their worst first quarter performance ever losing twenty three and twenty percent respectively finally a federal judge's ordering the release of eleven immigration detainees because of worries about the covert nineteen pandemic they had sued because they had health conditions that put them at risk if they were to contract the virus they were being housed at the York County prison news brought you by Johnny flame and gourmet foods traffic and weather next no if you own a BMW Volvo Mercedes Benz Porsche saab mini Cooper Volkswagen jaguar Land Rover or any other European make are you tired of paying.

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