CNN, Reporter, Russia discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Electric doubt woman on every one of these reporters should be far 'cause you're not reporters through the willing dupes for just dupes every one of them should be fired cnn and msnbc oh the american people an apology they're very excited about what was taking place because it was anti trump but it will never happen these are fraudulent phony news operations the word 'new shouldn't be in there go ahead and she's concerned that black people will be shot in the street did she back from that at all or is that a legitimate concern for her because i hear this reporter socalled that black people will be shot in the street i mean msnbc and cnn are essentially russia tv they can go on and on and on about will look at the russia's scandal russia's scandal but they've done more to advance the narrative that the russians have placed in this election than anybody else go ahead legitimate concern for her it's all brought a lot of people there are thousands of people right now taking over fifth avenue with several messages let's stop mr producer you've been in my book signings right what he added eur five or six thousand people show up the median never covers at here you have one hundred kids go to tallahassee here you have a couple thousand people coming to a anti trump rally at trump tower paid foreign supported by the russian government and it's endless coverage endless coverage thanks nothing to get a few thousand people somewhere takes nothing get one hundred people somewhere go ahead at our presidents lags a person that organized this protest a 20yearold student from st john's ladimir putin organized it so i'm waiting for the indictment of vladimir putin by the great rod rosenstein and robert muller mueller muller where's the indictment of vladimir putin where's the indictment of the russian government tough guys we just like pick it on american citizens and brutalizing them and waiting them up with our wives and bed in the middle of the morning are you just like threatening them with four hundred counts of tax this and financial that pathetic disgusting.

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