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A while ago and i started working on carol moseley bronze campaign for the senate she was elected and was the very first african american woman ever elected to the us senate and being part of that really definitely hadn't affect on me and i saw what it meant to so many particularly people of color to see somebody who looked like them on the floor of the us senate and then you fast forward ten years and i thought everything was going to change i thought that was it right it was the year of the woman and you fast forward to two thousand two and really we didn't see that sea change yes we saw a few more women in the house and the senate but we didn't see the wave we didn't see the numbers grow and in a substantial way so i started looking and wondering well what could i possibly do as an individual and at the same time a friend of mine came to me and she said i had been telling her you should run you should run you should run for office and she came to me and she said andrea i'm ready to run i wanna run for district attorney what do i do where do i go and i realized that i had nowhere to send this really amazing bright woman and at that point i thought well maybe if we can open the door for democratic women who want to run for office by giving them the tools then maybe we'll see more women now luckily this woman did very well for herself she won that district attorney race and then she won for ag and she's now a us senator comma harris she also she also when she was just recently elected was the second african american woman for c progressive policies until we change the policy makers it makes me overjoyed to hear rick that you now think politics is actually may be relevant and i'm hopeful i mean i it is politics is everything it's the environment it's the air we breathe it's a criminal justice system if you care about criminal justice it's about your district attorney and so that's what i'm doing getting to fifty fifty which is what tiffany shlaim is working on as she has a day to bring awareness that.

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