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To make a donation to find suspending freedom. Why well i've told you. Why over and over. I think they are as good as it gets. There are so many people being challenged in the area of religious liberty. And it's going to be all of us eventually. They're fighting this battle for us. Let me be blunt. it's for us so we might as well help them out because they're doing it for us I thought maybe. I can convince you have one of their senior counsels on To talk about what they're working on your matt sharp. I know you anyway. What case can we talk about that. You guys are working on. Because i want my audience to understand what it is that you do on a daily basis fighting for everybody in america we. We just don't know we go better lives. If you weren't doing this we'd be different. America to be honest. So what are you guys working on right now. One of the high profile cases were actually asking the us. Supreme court to take is one of laurie. Smith and three or three creative So she is a artist a web designer that doesn't credible work and is concerned. She's in the state of colorado concerned that she's going to be forced by the state to design custom wedding sites for same-sex marriages violate her beliefs and according to a federal court of appeals. Yes the government can't force her to create messages to create websites to speak in support of same-sex marriages in violation of deeply-held religious beliefs. I mean i. I just wanna say to my fellow americans that when you're on the right side you're on the right side but it really doesn't matter if people can just push you around so you have to go in some cases to court and what do you do weird you go. The alliance defending freedom is there. It's unconscionable in america. Somebody can say to you. I want you to bake that says i don't know. Think of your favorite offensive statement. Do your i hate women. I hate blacks. I hate jews. Whatever bake my cake. I'm paying you. Money bake the cake. Why should an american have to do that. Why shouldn't american after to create a website for somebody who's promoting something. They disagree with in america. You don't have to do that. The constitution says no we ever loses liberty freedom of expression for and yet it is happening and so if it weren't for lines defending freedom and you matt sharp. You understand this because you are there. If it weren't for you guys taking these cases and figuring out how do we bring them to the supreme court. How do we get our laws to reflect what the constitution says that we've we've got to. It's the work of the law and it takes place in in the courts. Matt you can you talk about what what Governor abbot in texas has been doing with regard to tr- trying to get an again. This is just pure common sense but we are having to fight in the courts for common sense that men should not be able to compete with women in highschool. Talk about that case. So i think a lot of people are familiar with what's going on with men being allowed to compete in women's sports. A lot of it started in connecticut with our clients. Selena soul and others that were losing out on opportunities because of a policy that allowed to guys to compete and in response several states have passed laws that protect female sports to protect fairness and now one is being considered in texas. and what. We're hoping is that. This law will protect every girl not just high school girls but also college girls so that a girl that graduates from high school to college doesn't find yourself being forced to compete against a guy and as you said this not only just common sense but science is backing this up. In fact there was actually a report that came out from a uk. united kingdom group. Today affirming what we all know. Which is that men have advantages over women and those advantages. Don't go away just because you're on puberty blockers or cross sex hormones and that's what texas and other states need to do is to protect fairness and women's sports. I mean the biceps that i have. You know there's nothing gonna make them go away. This is just who i am okay. It is true though. I mean we. I always have to joke because it's so crazy to me that you can have these high school. Male athletes suddenly deciding. I think whether flippantly or honestly we don't know to compete against girls and the reality is they're destroying these girls. Chances getting scholarships and so on and so forth. This is not right folks. It's simply not right..

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