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Mega doom which is a post apocalyptic version of your jimbo with rutger hauer in the jimbo role so not only did he play version of to each e in blind fury but he also played a version of your jimbo in mega doom so yeah that is it's it's very interesting but it's our poon film so if you understand what i'm saying there then knock yourself out it doesn't acknowledge jimbo in the opening credits or anything but it's you know obviously you're gibault so it's just like okay well this is kind of a nice post apocalyptic take on it so it's it's not as good as fistful of dollars let's just put it that way but it is better than less man standing but i would say out all the movies that we've talked about the last round warrior in the sorceress where the crow fly or when the raven flies all of these things i would say this is not me just sliding on walter hill i would say each one of those is better than last man standing because it just really leaves me wanting the just such a poorly done thing it's really depressing has i like walter hill for the most part you know i think this is like one of those films that was like he had been out of the scene for while there's like it's big comeback film or something like that and it's just it's just not there there's always people who are just like oh will you forget about this forget about that that added a yeah there's no way we're not just going to it here and list off movies that were inspired by your jimbo so i'm sorry just you're just gonna have to handle that and somebody out there probably has made a list i was not made aware of that list but there's probably a list out there somewhere if you go out into certain sites and you just type in your jimbo or philadelphia's you're going to come up with a ton of movies there are so many things that are just like oh yeah well i dunno hunter into dark that's got some similarities and blah blah blah blah but so yeah knock yourself out if you wanna be that guy go ahead be that guy so or you can just take money and give it to the remake of the last jedi and we can all be happy i figured the same people that nitpick on that stuff are also the ones that think that star wars has gotten to feminine now let's get a female driven remake of your gpo debbie awesome why not yeah they can do oceans eight they can do oh jimbo fem or something we're gonna take another break and plea preview for next week show movin school why called john thou slave to fate chats kings and desperate men.

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