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The U. S competitive with China as a global leader in technology correspondent Clayton Neville reports. The U. S Innovation and Competition Act, pledges about $250 billion for scientific research and an overhaul of the National Science Foundation. Republican Senator Roger Wicker said the bill will strengthen America's innovation and key technology fields of the future areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics. Quantum computing and communications. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer may note that the world's more competitive now than at any time since the end of World War two if we do nothing Days is the dominant superpower. May be ending. We don't mean to let those days end on our watch. We don't mean to see America becoming middling nation in this century. We mean For America to lead it a key part of the bill $52 billion to fund the semiconductor research, design and manufacturing initiatives. It's a measure Senate Democrats and Republicans believe is vital to America's future on the global scale. It now heads to the house where it's expected to be taken up in coming weeks. I'm Clayton Neville. In sports from the NBA. Nicola Yokich of the Denver Nuggets has been awarded the league's most valuable player honor. It's 17 after U. S trade deficit drops and Las Vegas conventions are back underway when America in the morning returns after these messages. Thinking about life insurance. What if you could make one free phone call and learn your best price from nearly a dozen highly rated price competitive companies? Well, that's exactly what happens when you call select quote life. For example, George is 40..

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