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Whether you go Kito whether you go, you know, thirty thirty three percent protein thirty three percent carve started three percent fat. Whatever you do, whatever is is the vehicle or method would which you choose is just a means to an end and minute fasting. Okay. I'm gonna cowers in here and I'm gonna go empty fall while and okay if your body, you know response to that and then good. But to me at the end of the day, we all use things that are going to help us mentally to accomplish the task at hand. So whether it's intermittent fasting or car backloading or whatever the hell it is is just a means to an end. But at the end of the day, dude is how many calories have you taken in? And that's part of the reason why for a long time, especially coming down from three hundred thirty pounds. Why the Keita genyk diet worked for me because I was able to stabilize. I was able to make a little bit more sense of. How much food I was taken in. Whereas if I'm left, if someone says, hey, you know back then if they said you could have some carbs, those car, the rice turned into pizza, you know, and and it turned into ice cream and everything else you can think of butter fingers with dipped and peanut butter. Which sounds fantastic by the way. On another cycle of different diet. That might sound good to me. But right now it doesn't. Yeah, you focused in pretty good now. I'm good. I'm good as soon as soon as I make up my mind to do something, then I'm that I'm good, but it's it's kind of like being half and half out, like I said, you know, out to golfer about maybe two months from the gym. And so when you start getting back into GM, it's just like, 'cause. You too. May I gotta get the momentum going again, been doing this stuff since you were twelve. And how old are you now? Yeah, so it's just it's just but it's getting back getting back into the routine. And so back in the routine now everything's easy is just cruise control and you've been doing it for decades. So it makes sense to pull stuff out every once in a while is Louie. And in all, obviously, you know, like if if you're trying to be mindful of your body composition and only X-factor out of everything that is factored, the only x. fact thing is alcohol man. Hey, man, I'm not getting results. I want to pull that x. factor out because that's the thing that you have. No, you know. Okay. This Sam drinking, drinking four Margaritas. I am going to die, but I'm drinking four Margaritas. Well, you're dumber and shit because you ain't lose no weight drinking, you know, four Margaritas. So take that out and you'll start doing well. What's your favorite thing to do nowadays? I see a lot of a lot of times I see pictures of your like four wheelers and your dog and a lot of stuff like that. What some of your favorite things that you love to do today? Man, riding my folders and my side by side and. I'm exploring Nevada. I'm on a different places to ride and my dogs minor like the love of my life. Yeah, dog guy and just I was just now I'm on a kind of on over and program kind of follow, you know, Mike's temple and a little bit as far as you know, one body part of week, I know might gets up early. He's one of the first guys and goals every day, right? Because my day it's busy and I'll get scattered rain in right now is a heat wave and is no training at damn heat is onset duty. Piss on it..

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