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Go. Hey, mark. Yes, sir. I know that. You are you're so spot on with this thing and to further support with your which thing which thing we talk which is wobble initiative. Same the DNC. And the thing people are going after Benjamin Netanyahu. If you remember when when Obama used taxpayer funds, they try to interfere with you is really election that oh, absolutely. Okay. And then you have Debbie Watson is short. In other words, he was the Vladimir Putin as far as Israel was concerned interfering in their election. Correct. And in fact, he said people over there to actually interfere in him in hamper y'all whose chances of getting elected, but he's still want. You're right. Now, Dan, you have to have you get tough on one who was interfering or competing information for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC your opportunity, congressman Turkey's dictator. Right. Okay. But then you have then you have Stephen Wasserman who is Debbie Wasserman Schultz brother, who's in charge of the votes, not Wasserman's Vasan. What go right ahead, sir. Okay. But anyway, you have Steve the DOJ who's our brothers who make sure they're all one doesn't tell the connection with Washington Schultz and the Pakistani intelligence service, whilst there, you have this all figured out, can you please go on my face pay Facebook page and write this out. I've got it written out Alexander now is very British put it right up there on my Facebook page for the whole world to see. Thank you, sir. Let's continue shall we? Cory Jensen Beach, Florida the Mark Levin app. And I hope you all have downloaded the Mark Levin app. It's free right now. Wink, wink, grab it go. Right ahead. My phone a long time. Thank you point out, how utterly disgusting. And unbelievable. It is all day long. They had all this. Call install you could not find any information at all on the Trump King John own meeting. Which is we know is infinitely more poor than anything that was going on in congress today. And the to the extent they cover it. They mocked the president. They second guess the president you'd better come out with these successes. The president may while they're great hero Barack Obama. He lets them arm up to the t- same of the Russians and the Chinese and the South China Sea. In fact, Obama's not even. Happy enough that they're arming up themselves. He helps arm up the Iranians and there's President Trump. He has to deal with all of it. Well, it's just absolutely disgusting. And this guy Cohen, let me let me ask you something Corey. This is a disgrace to the legal profession is it not where's the American Bar Association. Well, the fact that the guy is, you know, gone everything that he could in his power not to be a lawyer. Right. Video audio taping. Right. He's he's he's a crook. He is he's a criminal. He's taping his clients, including the president of the United States. What are you gonna do with that other than blackmail? Somebody. And meanwhile, the Democrats you gotta listen to this this idiot, chairman of this committee, forget his name already, and that's the coming. Yes. At the end. You know, we're here. We're defending democracy. No, you're not you're destroying the country. You're not fooling anybody and the idea that they tell Mike account go and testify Shukan further violate attorney client privilege, none of them whatever allow their private attorneys to talk to anybody about anything. Now what they? Not at all not at all. Thank you for your call, my friend. Judy New York, New York, the great WABC, go ahead. Hi, mark. Thank you for taking my call. Oh, goodness. Goodness. Okay. Michael cohen. I gotta laugh. He's calling Donald Trump Akon when it's so interesting that Michael count himself. He's the professional con man for sure he's been caught in lies. He's done crimes unrelated to anything with President Trump and his criminal and lying titties, Mark. If you add them all up, he should really be put away for like over a hundred and twenty years. I find it interesting. I wonder who gave him this cushioning deal to only serve three years. I wonder why. And we know why because they want him to smear how come how come? He doesn't get the same kind of sentencing that the prosecutors are pushing on manifesto unbelievable. Let me tell you. He all these crimes with the IRS. And with the taxation he should have got over one hundred and twenty years, Mark. And they're only like saying three years because they want him to sing the songs that they want him to. Singh. He's lying trees teeth. Absolutely. And, you know, something he himself said there's no proof of collusion. And that's what is all about. It's like so ridiculous. And you know, what I really hope that this backfires on. They're not Democrats. I call them demon Kratz their demonic. Really, I call them left wing radical kooks, but thank you for your call. I appreciate it. Pau quickly Sioux Falls, South Dakota, K L O our great affiliate go goody remark. It's a pleasure and honor to talk to you. Thank you. You know, what I'm gonna I'm gonna hold you that wasn't fair to you. Hold on. We're going to take you at the bottom of the hour. We'll be right back. Whether you've got a five mile.

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