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Steve sparks joins us here on. The sean sows ratio on sports. Talk seven hundred steve. Now i won't get you for dollar we. What is wrong. A dollar is that sheep at buck is all it is to bar at this woke up. Oh we'll do it means. She probably looked at you and said no. I won't kiss you for dollar that come on. You're fired up this morning. Let me let me start here and steve. I'll do it for a dollar if that's what it takes. Hell we even. If you wanna pay me more. I'll do that too. We get fraudulent boxing matches. Hell if you wanna pay me fifty bucks. I'll do it you don't have to. I'll be there. I love the. I love the way you call a game dude. Of course i got for a buck the good morning by the way. How good can garcia be. Wow he's about as good as anybody in the league right now. Last five starts in the ira about one point eight. He's getting deepening. The ballgames beaten good teams. It's not like he's he's pitching against these base flukes And over and over and over again he's a show in a lot of people who are making decisions I don't want to come out of the the rotation might be better in the long run with tim in the bullpen. But man wha- what a great job with this roster obviously ver- landers you know not there so about with the current and what you're looking at. Gimme your dream starting five. Let's say health is going to go great all year long. Give me. Who's who's who's your starting pitching this year the rest of the year in in order ranking mccullers Or katie yes. We go after that. It's tough from you. Know what fromberg number two mccullers three dinner key and then like. If you're talking about going into the playoffs you're bumping a couple of guys out anyway and just because of the way it's gone i think garcia probably going to have to go to the bullpen and the coin. Flip is whether or not ota ready of turns into what he was when he was an all star a couple of years ago. Would you take that steve. I mean right now. If you have the choice garcia would have to be the pickle road rizzi right have to be correct. Yeah yeah okay. So so are we more concerned that busy wouldn't be good out of the bullpen. That garcia would. I mean if we came right down to nut cut in time. Who would who would you choose knowing what she known today. That came better. Sean where Putting rizzi in the bullpen and never using partly right or putting garcia out there using quite a bit one is e and hope hope that odor is he gets you to five or six innings every every second start right for what is the did he goes back to his all star days rowdy right right no question. It's a hell of a point steve. Sparks joins us here. Let me just overall steve. The toronto series in buffalo and plan that well. What was your overall. I mean i know you always get glaring stuff that sticks out at you because you see stuff we don't would you take away from the series defense matters a lot you know. The astros play phenomenal. Defense in toronto played brutal defense. And that's why the astros won. The series in the astros are sneaky. Really good defensive team. I not only their positioning but doing the right thing over and over and over again. Pays off steve. Why don't we talk about defenses as much in baseball. I don't know we should know why. Why don't we as you know guy boots that we talked about you know on the offensive side of base writing air but the runs that this defense can save in great defenses of the past. That win. I know we've always used that. Oh football defense wins championships. I don't know if that's the case anymore and in the nba. But you better be good a couple of stops the right time in the nba. But you know when it comes to what we just brush by it right. Oh it's home runs. It's all these statistics and analytics. But you bring up a great. I would never thought going into this even as stellar say. Played your first answer. Just because the way we talk about baseball now would've said defense coming out of this series and it will matter when all forget the pitching part the defense behind him when we crowd a champion. That team's going to be pretty good defense. No matter who it is right steve. Yeah it's amazing you know go back to the world series and the postseason runs and just about every year for the last five years. At least i know. I feel like the team that played the best defense won the world series and they just kept going over and over is making big plays and making all the regular play. But it's amazing. How much momentum. A great defensive play gives your offense in a in a really close game so I think it matters a lot. The ashes take pride in it. I know just just from many conversations and by the way they play the game then last year notwithstanding because last year thought the astros defense was brutal during the regular season and they were two games under hundred but guys standing around and between innings they look lifeless But you know as we all know that they turned it on in the playoffs and they play defense and korea korea tops the list when you look at defensive players the captain in the middle of the field and pointing guys in a direction where everybody's alert all the time because carlos correa so intense on defense right before i get to create. I'm so glad. Because i had some stuff i wanted to discuss about him. steve back to this defense thing and we talk about moment them in what it does. You know a great stop in basketball defense. A great hit in football. You're so right about the home. Run changed it but there's something that it's almost like when you walk a guy. Steve inevitably ends up being a big inning. Right you've lost off batter you walk. It's so weird and ask james. Click about this about two or three weeks when a guy gets a single. We're we're not as bummed. A guy gets basit when the leadoff hitter walks. It seems like the inning just goes to hell in a handbasket right. And it's the same defensively. Make that one play all of a sudden the dude to struggling at the plate if he made the play homers a double. And all the thing. It's rolling so It is fast. I guess if we looked into the analytics over the course of time the defense would continue to play a big part in who's crowned champion and at least giving you a chance in the end to win. Not just with pitching. But with the way that carlos correa or a brooks robinson makes a play in the infield. You look at the way. The tension builds a in an inning. A run around first and second or first and third in a high ball game and the way it just builds and builds and builds and builds. And here's the other person i wanna. I wanna talk about the one that everybody in the entire field is looking at is the catcher. Everybody up airing right at him. And if you've got a dog back there who can't block a ball and let's get to the backstop looks like he's frustrated with the pitcher because you can't throw strikes and everybody else kind of follow suit but if you got a guide back there busting his rear end and you have first and third and guy makes a big strike out. And he's got this going back to the dugout that's momentum to miss in maldonado's fantastic at that. He knew mitchell the game too. Yeah and you mentioned a dog steve. The dog in a bad way but maldonado's that dog and a good way you need about five or six dogs football field that just you know. They don't just bark but they bite. You're right you so good at it. And it's an awesome pointed starts there because everybody's staring as you said i want to get i want you to and i want you to dig deep for me on this. Why would you pay and tell me. If you're the general manager. Why would you pay him. Three hundred million dollars.

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