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Six point five WDBO people in jail in this country. Number of them are Joe fulfilled. States say, okay, we're putting you away for long time. You're gonna pay heavy prices. But also taking away your right to participate in a democratic vote anymore. The US Israel relationship is one of those important relationships that we have on the planet, and that relationship is to be successful most transcend partisanship in the United States, and it must be able to transcend a prime minister who is racist. All right. That was well, I Bernie and then beta bozo. Robert Francis Rourke excuse me, the elections in Israel going on now live in Israel as we speak. News roundup information overload hour, eight hundred nine four one Sean there's only been before President Trump one figure on the world stage that has had a singular focus and understanding of moral clarity of evil in our time. And that of course is radical Islamists. And now with the partnership, which is the best relationship we've ever had especially after eight years of Obama we've ever had with Israel when not dropping one hundred and fifty billion dollars in cash another currency on the tarmac for mullah's in Iran. He has been a church hilly and figure we're told the election's going to be close. I hope people in Israel. If you hear this that you're out voting for Likud, Newt Gingrich's with us former speaker of the house. How are you sir owned by the way new podcast that's out and Newt's world, we call it. And it's on all apple products, and wherever you might go for podcast, are you? I'm doing well. And I think you sort of captured them, and it's a little hard to walk through the list and believe it's true. This. The Democrats have literally I think in a way lost their had. They're just drifting into this mindless left wing. You know in a good example is well known as the Sanders confuses in Florida. The question was once you have paid your price. And once you back out in society. Should you be allowed to vote? No one in Florida voted on referendum to let you vote. But they just can't help themselves. They keep moving in a direction that is, you know, less and less rational. The sounds really good. If you're the left-wing fundraiser. Well, it also sounds good. I guess to people. I mean, whether you're willing or unwilling to work, you get all the benefits, and they're going to tax you at a seventy percent top marginal rate for individuals in ninety percent corporate tax rate. And by the way, if you save too much money, then they're going to come back for another bite at the apple with the wealth tax. That's going to pay for government childcare, according to Elizabeth Warren, and it's not done yet. Then when you die they'll take more. I mean, it's. Wanted us all to strikes me as I've been here before in nineteen seventy two George McGovern who up until this year was the most radical person nominated by the Democratic Party. He came out with very clever idea, which is going to be a two thousand dollar immigrants. Everybody get two thousand dollars and after a couple of weeks to talking about it was overwhelmingly unpopular and people American most Americans believe in the work ethic and most Americans believe that they shouldn't be taxed so somebody down the street can avoid doing anything. And if you wanted to talk to folks in working neighborhoods, they'll tell you there are people figured out how to get on welfare. You know, how to read the system every way they can't and hardworking Americans. Don't like that that they actually have a distinctly negative reaction. We should why loophole do better on college professors than they do them on blue collar workers. Well, I think you're right about the instincts of Americans. But, you know, great line, by the way, I don't know if you heard Andrew Cuomo. Andrew Cuomo is a tax the rich tax the rich tax the rich. Now, he's complaining that the New York state has come up with a two point three billion dollar shortfall. Paul this year, New York, New jersey, California losing population. No income tax states, like Tennessee, and Florida and Texas and even the Carolinas. They're all they're all getting population Florida last year in Texas. No four hundred thousand listen listen to Cuomo. You're gonna love this. We have one of the most progressive tax codes in the United States, which is a good thing. Which means the richer. You are the more you pay. However that. Presents a very fragile economy. Because then you are relying on a very small number of people for the vast amount of your tax dollars, one per cent of taxpayers pay nearly half of all the taxes. One percent pay nearly half of all those taxes. Those one percent of the richest people in the state. They are the richest people in the country, and they are the most mobile people in the country, and you see the chart on the bottom top one percent. But forty six percent up five percent. Sixty three percent of all the revenue top ten percent. Seventy four percent of all the revenue tax the rich tax the rich tax the rich. We did. Now, God forbid, the rich leave they left, Mr Speaker. They're leaving. What happens they should wide when when the country adopts that policy? Do you remember when when you were child, and there was this children's fairytale about killing the goose laid the golden egg. Right. And this done is this sort of thing that was taught to people to sort of suggest to them. You know, if you've got somebody who's being generous, maybe you should be nice to them instead of nasty. I'm never I've never heard a liberal ever before admits what percent of taxes come from the top one percent. I mean that was an amazing moment who. But half of all the tensions in the state. Are the top one percent? It's coming at. What point does somebody look at their their budget? I talked to a guy recently who moved out of California to Texas, and what's the difference just to not paying a state income tax could buy a house in Texas had no cost of his budget. That's why they're gaining popular people aren't stupid, and by the way, no business with a ninety percent. Marginal tax rate is ever going to allow me build a business in the United States. They're going to leave and they're gonna take their money in their factories with them. That's gonna make one of the central themes of two thousand twenty is going to be the fact that this president continues to create jobs has a pretty good model for to continue creating jobs. We have the lowest one employment. I think.

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