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In colorado sports for black meco ranson in my mcintyre's raquel pennington shane ray mallory pugh tyson joe's joins us on the program and asks the questions you'd ask if you have guts the easiest guy you've encountered in terms of getting under a scanner visit quick it's ryan kaufman on drive time sports welcome in ryan wheels and man who holds the tag of intern here on drive time sports identify you correctly to have the some some continuity throughout the summer so anyway i if you'd like to be a part of the show two eight six zero zero four six coming up this hour we will talk with lane kranz who is a driver of he's the driver in the pikes peak international hill climb he will be in town he's actually making his way to colorado springs from alabama as we speak and we will catch up with him he's somebody that's won his division he's competing and a couple of different divisions one each of them at least once and the pikes peak international hill climb is coming up next week already so look out for that coming up in the next segment i do with the world cup coming in twenty twenty six i ventured some predictions some guesses on what else would happen in the sports world in twenty twenty six i'll share those with you at the bottom of the hour right now though let's get you updated on the biggest sports stories of the day in our neck of the woods we call this what's driving the show.

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