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Live and local you're listening to the leery o'connor shell now practice in my view campaign to not one or turnover every rock and learn and learn everything a about donald trump though well i didn't know that it that meeting took place at the time i'm glad that mark alive and whoever else with aware that at the time authorized when four with it brian fallon one of the clinton campaign cronies for saying you betcha we did it would have been malpractice not to and i'm glad we did it i'm so sick and tired of being lied to and you would think that journalists in this town would be the same way but no no they continue to buy their story hook line and sinker well well gosh she adds just politics joe in woodbridge you're on wmal joe it might take on there all right or equipment colluded with the russian for political gain by producing all information against donald trump she colluded with the russian financial gain in a short rican fees for a man and one hundred forty million dollars and donation the clinton family foundation what the kicker is they thought they were gonna get away with it because they thought hillary clinton was going to win but when it became apparent that donald trump was going to win they decided to uphold the o switcheroo on donald trump and with it a crime that is obstruction of justice you can not hurt do all phony evidence swiftian of covering up your own crime thank you for that i appreciate it and you're absolutely right and by the way here's another breaking bit of news about this democrat national committee and hillary clinton's campaign apparently violated campaignfinance laws because they didn't accurately disclose these payments related to the trump dossier that's according to the nonpartisan campaign legal center they filed a complaint today with the fec now you know there jumping up and down say why i glad we did it okay yeah but you never disclosed it and yes you've lied about it for the last year there spinning you they're lying to you and the media loves it because the rooting for them and i know how frustrated you are about this that's why we're venting right now and iot okay sometimes you gotta event anna and leesburg your next up on wmal while career car i'm corp of all african american.

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