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Onshore winds bringing. Showers this morning and a fifty percent chance this afternoon with highs in the upper eighties eighty degrees at NewsRadio WFL a child is dead. After a drowning in Pasco county. The two year old boy was found floating in a backyard pool last night in Newport, Richie on Indian mound drive, it was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Deputies say the boy snuck into the pool when his grandfather, who is watching him went to use the bathroom murder is suspected in a woman's death in Hillsborough county. The unidentified victim was found dead early yesterday outside of home in plant city on trap, no road. No cause of death has been revealed. The deputies reported signs of trauma to her upper body. The killer remains at large a stranger danger warning for parents and students who attend the academy lake school in land lakes, after a man approached a young girl and told her to get in the car the girl quickly ran to the school office for help, we want to find out who this person is and find out exactly what he's trying to do. Kevin doll with Pasco sheriff's office, tells news channel eight the man's heavyset with dreadlocks wearing a black t-shirt and driving. A twenty fourteen dark. Ray Toyota Corolla more answers could come today and a mysterious death. In Paul county, an autopsy could reveal how twenty two year old CARA handy of Seib. Ring died over the weekend. Robotic was found on US ninety two lakeland, what deputies originally thought was a hit and run, but bruises on her face suggest murder. Florida's governor and secretary of state. Tell local election supervisors, they have their backs when it comes to preventing foreign hackers governor descent. This is giving two point three million dollars to county election supervisors to secure their systems against potential foreign interference. It's on spent money. The counties had to give back after the twenty eighteen vote twenty eighteen we have no indication that there was any problem and sixty seven counties. So I think that that was a success. And ultimately, you know that's what we're going for in twenty twenty. The money's on top of two point eight million allocated, by the legislature, Gordon bird, NewsRadio WFL voters in port Richey selecting a new mayor today. It's nine four NewsRadio WFL, a whether isn't it? They come from every corner of the beltway.

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