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That's good, man. Yeah. You have to have a personality. You can't just be a robot. And I think he's definitely not a robot. That's. Yeah. I was gonna say like I'm going to be seeing him in log room, and I don't want. I want to be able to joke around with him afterwards. If he made a play or whatever it may be let's get. Yeah. You got some jokes to one he might go. Some low blows, you know, real quiet and try to act quiet. But he he's got he's got some character. I'm all here for the jokes. I like to hear that. That's good. Well, you go get it from. All right. Not at first. But eventually, they'll come. I've been so we talked about yet saw his personality. So about you've worked with plenty of receivers. Do you have like a comparison for who? Does he remind you of? That was tough. I had a bunch of people during this whole draft process for him asked me that question. You know, he's different from all the guys that I've had are poach forty Dave's. But the titans, and you know brush guys who went on a plane, the NFL, you know, just with his size. And you know, it's his ability able to you don't just use that size to catch the football. You know, he's totally different in a lot of guys. I hit just because he had played position for awhile. Right. And so it's hard to make the comparison of especially the guys that I've cokes, but he reminds me of, you know, Kwame older as far as his size, and you know, just how aggressive he is. And just how he loves football. And that's about the only comparison I've kinda used with with Linda's of action, and I've I'm of diehard Florida state fan. So you tell me that say, no more. That's all I need to hear man. We're getting player if that's the case where on your, no doubt. Bolden was dog overplayed yet. Yeah. Yeah. Yet some fighting him for sure I mean, forty Niners fans know that he was here for. Couple of seasons in all year. He was tough, and he caught the football. And you didn't matter how fast he was. You knew he was gonna find a way to get open and catch the football. That's another guy that. Yeah. Like, you mentioned he's not he wasn't a burner..

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