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I i think that what they did is there's basically a queue here that they wanted to add yeah i mean they hit you over the head with it i don't know if you guys caught it it's pretty subtle in this movie brightest is into technology you know so much he sleeps with the little robots from runaway that tom selleck and i had to love the product placement though when those paramilitary com they shoot his cherry packed see old school care but this is important i mean i do think when you think of raiders it's about that chemistry god knows kate capshaw side it was all about the way that he played off the romantic foils and the villains and there's just nothing for jolie the playoff of there's no other actor in this including gang no cragg that can compete with what she's doing and so i do feel like the problem in jumping from the video game where you're on your own diving into these dangerous scenarios and a movie where you need other characters to play off of is that we just can't create those dynamics stewart i feel you possess almost a starting to fuel like a little bit of what a lot of people complain about with the current marvel universe where you have these week villains that don't really add up too much and they're not really that compelling but the thing that's missing from this movie that the people who make the marvel movies knows is that your lead has to be so charismatic to carry the.

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