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Locker room richard lap chick head of the university of central florida's institute for diversity and ethics in sport thinks the new rule is a mistake in terms of letting the players speak their mind i talk we were making great progress last year and this is a pretty tall to that progress lap chick tells kcbs he expects the players will simply link arms race fists or find some new way to express protests i think they need to have a voice and they're gonna have to find out an alternative way to get that forty niners owner jed york feels the players didn't have enough input in this process he abstained from the vote doug sovereign kcbs tesla ficials say they've recovered enough data to confirm that the auto pilot feature was not engaged on a model less involved in a deadly crash sunday night in unincorporated alameda county according to the california highway patrol thirty four year old keith leon died when his vehicle which was travelling north in the eleven hundred block of crow canyon road ended up in a pond the chp says it cannot confirm that autopilot was not engage adding that it has retrieved and is now analyzing the tesla systems saying that the federal government is cutting funds for hiv prevention and treatment the mayor of san francisco is proposing additional city money go toward it kcbs this gentleman has more from san francisco general hospital one of the medical professionals welcoming this move is dr diane handler who's been working on hiv and aids since the epidemic began she says over the last four years san francisco has seen about a fifty percent reduction in new hiv infections now contrast that to the united states we're over six years we've only had a sixteen percent reduction so we're doing well but we can't rest on our laurels because it's going to get harder and is going to get harder because we are going to need to address the disparities in our city that's where this funding is so important mayor mark farrell is putting close to three million dollars toward the city's total hiv aids budget to make up he says for federal funds the centers for disease control and prevention are cutting feral also wants to add one and a half million for the getting disease initiative focusing on reducing hiv infections in populations with the disparities the.

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