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The markets as being in motion well if if you have felt motion sickness from all of that activity then consider this show your dramamine we're going to calm your stomach help you understand what events are causing the motion and understand what you should do and the guy standing next to me andy smith he'll be doing that along with our first guest who we are so glad to have back on the show with us it's bill tracy villas a senior investment analyst and cfa charter holder at the financial engines research center and bill it's great to have you back on the show we have a lot to cover today is the great to be back thanks for having me bill again thank you for taking some time and and talking with us here on investing sense what is your latest read on what's happening with the stock market right now well the market just wrapped up its first negative quarters since q three of two thousand fifteen and there was a lot of news flow in market activity to digest now we came out of the gate roaring a solid seven percent game through the first four weeks of january it really looked like the smooth sailing experience in two thousand seventeen was just going to continue since then though it's been it's been an interesting eight or nine weeks following the most recent peak i think what might be most interesting it seems from week to week there's a new narrative for what's driving markets we'll see tony dwyer one of the best strategists in the business had a great take on this angle it began with interest rates rising back in late january it looked like the ten year yield is headed back to three percent investors were worried about inflation then trade policy came into play and the steel and aluminum tariffs concerns about a trade war with china we certainly seen that continue to escalate everybody then started getting worried about tech regulation we had facebook's data privacy issues trump's amazon tweets and then the whole time we've also had some traders looking at the rise in live which is a key interest rate for global banks and derivative markets so bill among all these narratives do you.

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