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Today is alan cirque. Four riders site and known for his excellent gift. Reviews falcons games on twitter allen. Thanks for joining again. It's a pleasure best looking back on this time. With the falcons specially with mike smith. This is a second year. I noticed the one letdown down year. But you're i love that arab for my cousin. Nate to twelve me accel still in high school but if it was just kind of still real childhood fan of an this team sold school minded and even though things didn't go their way these kind of prime years with mike smith. Yeah in on that note i think. Obviously two thousand eight we'll about this segment with such great season And i think people forget thousand nine was the first time the falcons have back to back winning seasons ever in franchise history so even though they missed the playoffs in it was down the season. They still accomplish. Something that had. Never been done for the franchise. I think they started a new trend. For falcons football under mike smith as you mentioned so on that note coming into the season before we get into the details of two thousand nine season. I think it's important to recap sort of what got us here. Obviously the falcons found a great one in matt ryan. He was rookie of the year. Two thousand eight took the team to the playoffs which. I don't think anyone was expecting from this team. And to be honest at the time it was not normal even though. It seems like the norm now. It was not normal for rookie cut quarterbacks to come in and start to begin winning immediately. That was not the norm and it was obviously ryan reignited. The hopes of the franchise dmitrov brought him michael turner in two thousand eight and he was just a wrecking ball and just a fantastic free agent signing roddy white elevated his game to being showing that he is a legit wide receiver. One in the league. And so there's a lot of hope for the franchise after the two thousand eight a especially in the wake of the two thousand seven disaster and they kicked off if you will the two thousand nine offseason with a big trade and april twenty third. Two thousand nine. The falcons traded for tony gonzalez tight end from kansas city. He had spent most of his career there. He was really on the back end of his career. As you know the only tight end in. Nfl history at that point to make ten pro bowls Which is a stunning number. And the falcons gave up a two thousand ten second round. Pick so alan you sort of just the way to kick off an add yet another weapon for ryan it. A lot of people called tuna gonzales. The security blanket for matt ryan that his earlier. What are your thoughts on this trade. The value of the trade. You feel like this was something. That dimitrov kneeled as well in the thousand nine season owes of mass intrigue. 'cause i thought Excellency remembered in the mid two thousand dollars. I m antonio gates. Every week they'd be like competancy. Who will make the biggest plays will circus catches and i just think tony gonzales. You always provide yet. Not just the security with was down the semen. I think the falcons to need someone to cash register field given that michael jenkins kind of possession. Receiver in your douglas. Still kind of a rural prospect timeouts ever knows how good body white was. But i adding that certified star. Just give matt ryan much more security breaches or confidence because as you saw that season like there were big clicked right away and i think with their work. Ethics was as As you look at his a training regimen that he's pretty duct how much scott horsely for practice after practice hundred miles each way he was just a monster just to get someone especially a team. That was still kind of shifting away from the mid to don's like i know he was a huge rebuilding project. But i think they had many veterans on the teams but she wants. The governor's keith brooking in just everyone from As years worth out complex cetera Other than say. John abram think they could use more veterans Should be emphasized. So guessing like touring exhaust. Who i think was very motivating that kansas city was kind of a free full-time and paramedic young quarterback gang him huge and see what was it. I've seasonal role Yeah yeah From two thousand nine through two thousand thirteen and Arguably i think he was he was in the back end of his career clearly but he still was just such a dynamic player throughout his entire time in atlanta. And to your point. I think it's a fantastic point. The falcons did get rid of a lot of their veteran leadership And we'll give into the free agent discussion a little bit. You mentioned keith. Brooking was someone that was allowed to walk likewise the across the board they sort of Let a lot of guys on the fringe the roster just drift off as they seek Sought to rebuild this roster so bringing in a veteran like gonzales and not just a veteran but a high performing veteran a legitimate hall of fame. Talent like i said selected to ten pro bowls before i even got to atlanta. Which is again. I think about that. And you hear about some of these players that they make four or five throughout their career. This guy may ten. That's how good. He was. Further to the point with matt ryan and i want to say this because i feel like this is a point. That's understated when it comes to what thomas dmitrov and mike smith did in the early years with with Their franchise quarterback they built weapons around him and they did not immediately put the entire offense on his shoulders. They brought in michael turner who it was a run. First offense when when my When matt ryan was drafted they had rodney why they had a good offensive line. That had maclear at center a stable veteran center that helped to you know to run the offensive line and then bringing in tony. Gonzales was in many ways a great next step. They brought in someone that could take ryan under his wings. Someone that ryan could lean on Especially in those key third down conversions. Tony became just an absolute beast in keeping sticks. Moving for this team I think if you look back on a lot of the moves demetre has made over the years. Would you say i. I think this is one of the five best moves that dmitrov made in his entire time as gm as to be just when you look at longevity look at some of the biggest plays gonzales made over the course of his time nolan especially that seattle love game which ended up going. When during the during the mike smith era as the urine you're out delivering was crazy but could sauces. I think he actually veteran save from eleven to thirteen. I thought was i e scenes. Were good navy. Just because they were under. Michael archies offense where it was very run heavy very old school but once julio got its start becoming way more productive and he was like really killing in the red zone that one day i remember some of the best years because you know with the falcons read some some very tricky area. These days with wit wade sauces daily hookah. Forget that one handed catch on sunday night. I was the one to crazies Ever seen in that report was so key. Like you look at ryan always. They seem to be on..

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