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Community service or whatever community activity there is an even on a sabbath morning you start with <hes> this project is brought to you by the seventh day adventist church and if you don't know much about the adventist let me tell you this. We're here to help you understand the bible to find freedom healing and hope in jesus so if you ever go through a difficult time in your life and you're willing to explore the bible and understand what god may be saying to you then talk to us because we have helped millions of people understand the bible and we can help you too now. Let's play basketball and you do this week and next week and the following week and the following week because at some point somebody who's coming. There may be a year from now. They're going gonna be a difficult situation and they're willing to wonder what is it that possibly people seen this christian in the bible and so on and when they do they need you to remember that no one explains the bible better than adventists and so they come back to us so it's a drip drip drip drip drip drip until you own that authority not yet and we have a couple of things to say about the bible so this is what we do so that tool that sentence that that positioning statement. I'm understand dan the bible. That's what we're about then over time. It creates a sense of of biblical awareness in the community we are known for for this and when they see the symbol of the church oh adventist bible we used to be known as the people of the book and yeah right <hes> and and research shows that a lot of people still associated with that not with hope we've been focusing on hope for awhile and and when we asked people on the streets adventist church which words come to your mind hope didn't feature <hes> you know everybody ge- bible bible we're known for this or that promise. It took a long while hundreds of hours of conversations to define that so that's a tool powerful tool that i think local church pastors could use wow that's great. Thank you for that <hes> so just two more questions for you as we kind of wind down here <hes> the the first of which is talked about what a logo is and i think there's a there's there's a misunderstanding or or or <hes> kind of a misconception around the idea of branding. Everyone thinks branding is just visual is just logo so can you break that myth for us and and and help us understand what is the. You've already explained what a logo is so that's that's good but what is branding as an entire idea. How do we how do we interact with that idea. Doc branding is how much trust is there in a given organization. How much trust is given to an organization so how do people feel when they see when they encounter any touch point of that brand so it could be seen the logo could be visiting a shop. It could be in our case visiting church. It could be meeting an adventist in a public space all of those touch points how much trust do people have with that brand and so and you value this. You know there's a tangible value to this or amazon is valued at one hundred fifty billion most valuable brand in twenty the eighteen wow that's a lot of money okay and this doesn't include any factories. It does include any distribution centers. That's just the name well one hundred and fifty going apple comes right behind with one hundred and forty nine billion in google after that honor and forty eight billion so this is what does that mean it means..

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