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The south side off the Metro area box, 31 chief meteorologist Dave Fraser says on Wednesday. The same storm system brings another chance of snow. He says. Accumulation does not look to be significant, though with little impact on the roads. An accumulation of an inch or less as possible over looked in all the controversy over Denver's quarterback situation for the Saints game Sunday was the contract extension signed by tackle Garrett Bolles over the weekend that goes to the 2024 season. Bulls was asked Monday if he considered exploring free agency. My whole body's gonna play here my entire career. I love Denver. Like I said before. I love this city. I love my teammates. I love really everything about the state of the people here, the people that I grant in contact with and and helped and they've helped me. I wanted to stay here. This is home to me. Bull says the contract situation is now behind him, and he can focus on being the best left tackle in the game of football and continuing to help the Broncos organization get back on top of the F C West. I'm Chad Bauer on K Away News radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM from Ben Fritz. Which traffic center can nothing to trumping you Drive on. I 70 across town. You make a tongue on six, The Lakewood C 4 72 Highlands Ranch speeds normal. Nothing slowing it down on the 4 70 36 between here in Boulder. There's no road work to interfere with your drive. You're gonna make the time when Pina Boulevard to and from the airport 25. You're gonna find that there's no road work that's going to cause any major issues and you make a time also on sixth liquid. 1 31 pinpoint whether you could expect it to be cloudy with a high near 40 Tonight. Sloan's.

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