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Is old jared look at he looks like a young sports illustrated cover boy karatas what he just granite chiseled out but i got some good news for you dallas jomie me at all right now brock meyer is back season two premiers on i f c april twenty fifth which was last night if you're listening to this on drop day at ten pm brock meyer stars hankas area as jim brock meyer this show falls the comeback of famed major league baseball announcer jim brock meyer who suffers a notorious on air breakdown similar to the one that i have last weekend after walking in on his wife his neighbor and a strap on rounding third base and headed for home season two picks up with brock meyer and his co dependent friend charles living in arguably the worst city in the country for someone with serious impulse control issues that would be new orleans brock myers calling games for the triple a new orleans crawdads still waiting for a call up to the majors he's also found success with this popular alcohol and drug fueled podcast brock bottom so even your brock mars yet in the podcast game which is fantastic you love to see shots don't miss season two to see whether or not brock meyer can complete a comeback more improbable than the two thousand and four boston red sox season two again premiere last night april twenty fifth at ten pm catch up on season one all of those episodes if you've got hulu go watch them if you don't have hulu get hulu catch up on season one dive right into season two shits hilarious.

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