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Go online. Can you do in our lives on the the Friday soundings and the additions of the fair of which continues next Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Ah, with the first With two weeks of the races at Pleasant and continuing. Ah, normally those races it would be run a cow Expo, but was the changed his schedule is most of the racetrack, sir, changing schedules it'll be continuing on, so we'll have to catch up with you over the next weeks. And we appreciate your analysis for pleasant and on this July 12th edition. All right. Thank you. Say I'm going to look to everyone. Okay? So what's going on in the world of racing? Well, we handicapped Keeneland today, along with Del Mar and Way lets you know that Starting next week. This week on Wednesday, it'll be Saratoga opening in their ways who Labor Day in the big race as a preparation to the Kentucky Derby this year. Will be the Travers, and that's where it is. The law scheduled a run next Saturday. We have the Haskell from Mama Park, another prep to the Kentucky Derby. Which what we run this year on September 5th 1st Saturday in September, and then the Preakness October 3rd, so tune in next Saturday, and we'll talk about it. What's going on in the world of racing for pleasant in Del Mar. And who won the races. Saratoga. And Mullet Park in the Haskell have a great Sunday and we'll look forward to another successful day in the handicapped. The world have a great day. It may not be stomach issues. For me. It's intense gas or pain or diarrhoea, sometimes all at once, over and over. I spent years with the symptoms but could never figure it out. No matter what I did, They never went away. So I decided to break it down for my doctor and get really specific about my symptoms. Way discovered that execrable pancreatic insufficiency or a p I may be the reason for my stomach issues, eyes caused by My pancreas. It leads to diarrhea,.

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