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The music of Mars Patel. Everybody's Chris, Terry. I'm one of the co-creators Mars Patel and the guy that's behind the music as it were, and we get a lot of questions. A lot of requests for people who enjoy the Mars Patel music, and I can't tell you how great that makes me feel as a musician. I've been a musician most of my life and it's just so exciting to hear that not only the story which is so wonderful to create an and. See so many people enjoy, but also the fact that that they think that the music sort of also worked so well with the story and we thought it'd be really fun in your long. Wait for season three. If maybe we did a lap zone here on the sort of behind the scenes behind the music behind the Mars Patel music and maybe tell you a little bit about it. Maybe tell you how some of it was created and then sort of let maybe some of the clips play from some of the seasons, two seasons and hopefully will you know, help bridge that gap between season two and the wait for season three. We're in the middle of writing season three rate now my partners. So there's myself. David cries, Christman Benjamin Strauss, and Jenny Turner hall, and the four of us together created the show and and create these stories and everything that you've come to love Mars Patel. So it's very exciting for us. Yes, hopefully. This is a little bit of fun. And what I wanna do is kind of explain a couple of the key songs that that that are featured on Mars Patel. Also be able to sort of let a lot of plow. So you have a way of playing it in one sort of big chunk. This podcast is not a CD so us no. Individual tracks. I was trying to figure out the best way to do this. And I thought we sort of do it. As kind of learning experience, but then also great listening experience. So this is the music of Mars Patel with out any of the Mars Patel stuff. So. Bliss, I guess the best best way is just to just jump in and start with the original theme. So I'm gonna play that for you. Now, the original theme from season one, and then I'll give you a little backstory behind it here. It is. So there it is. That's the original theme from season one of Mars Patel. And when I sat down to write it, we were not very far in the production part of the show. I think we had maybe come up with the first couple episodes and maybe written a little bit of the story. But I as a musician, I should say a little bit about my background. I'm a, you know, a bass player in a writer, been a musician for most of my life and writing always sort of taking a bit of a behind the scenes thing for me. And so when it came time to do more Patel, it was sort of a great meeting of two things that I love to do, which is tell stories, right stories, gray stories on also do music. So I've got a little bit of background doing some music for film TV and also other things. But mainly I'm a jazz bass player and have a bunch of albums out under my own name, that kind of thing. So I wanted to sort of come up. With a theme that would maybe inspire us a little bit to sort of come up with the sound of the show, like, what would it sound like? And I sat down and wrote that piece that you just heard, played bass on it. The rest of it is programmed with the exception of the violin which is played by a really great friend of mine who lives around the corner from me names Zach, Brock, you can look him up really great famous violinist and he came over to my house and I had written the theme and he just played it and that was that was very simple. Like a lot of things as I'm sure most of, you know, when you're creating something, I mean, maybe you're maybe you've done some art projects or whatever you do maybe did something in school. You know, for the adults out there, we all know what it's like to sort of create something. And sometimes the best stuff happens sort of by accident. I would have to say that that theme was kind of one of those things. I didn't really know what I wanted it to sound like. And so you sort of have to ask the question. Does the theme come and in the show comes or does, or do they work together or just one inspire the other? And it's always. An interesting thing when you're creating something from nothing and in that was that was that listening to it now, it's interesting to me because it does have that kind of really rough, indie sort of sound very done quickly. I think maybe took me a day. And when it came time for season two after March Patel had become somewhat of success. I wanted to redo it and I wanted to sort of up the game a little bit and make it sound a little bit more like it's suited the the success of the show. So I went back and a lot of the music in Mars Patel is written by myself or my writing partner and longtime friend named Sean Pierce who we're going to hear from an a bit. He lives in LA. I live in New York and we call right a lot of the stuff. He writes a lot of the incidental music. You hear behind the show and I did the themes. So it's a great collaboration. We've collaborated on many projects, many albums for years and years and years and Mars Patel just happened to be this thing that you know he, he does a lot of work in film and TV, so fluid to LA Los Angeles and. We sat down and we worked on sort of coming up with new version of the theme. And if you listen closely, you'll hear it's the exact same baseline. I don't know if if you guys out there if you're old enough to sort of understand what the baseline is, it's like a guitar. It plays a lot lower, and it only has a few four strings instead of six. So what we did is we we needed to be the same length. So we kept the exact baseline. I didn't actually play anything new and then recreated the song all around it. So you'll hear me singing there. There's a voice now instead of violin doing the melody like that. So let me play it free. Now you'll see if you can hear the differences peering back toback Rio. So

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