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Dot com, come and play midterm madness. Do not get left behind. It'll be the only thing we do this month this month of madness around judge cavenaugh, and then and then you're gonna vanish onto the court, and no one will recognize them in a couple of years. It does burn off you I've been with the chief Justice and people kind of know who he is. But they're not really sure, and they don't bother him in restaurants, people leave judges allowed. Plus, they have judicial security the US marshals. So none of the Ted Cruz stopped will happen. But Michael have an ATI just tweeted, we have no music for him. Michael avenue ATI, the lawyer per stormy Daniels. And now the lawyer for Joey sweating it. My client, Joey, sweat, Nikki demanding an immediate FBI investigation and the opportunity to testify under oath before the committee. Why is Brad Kavanagh and Chuck Grassley refusing to allow this he asked why are they trying to muzzle women and prevent the truth from being known. Well, the short answer is they don't believe your client, Mr. Bonetti, and I read the profile of sweat neck, and I am not going to get into the business of. Trashing a reputation. I'll simply add that sixty plus people who knew Brad Kavanagh as a high school student have never heard of sweat, Nick. And there are other. Say credibility problems with her life. Such that you wouldn't rush off to invite her to come in because they're celebrity lawyer wants to be at the table with her. You just you might want. Not to have that happen. I think the other story of the two different people who think they were the guy that Christine Ford Blasi is complaining about an alleging attacked or that is in the back of my mind. Big time are going to be watching that. And we are we might play Joe Biden again, but mostly let's play some Donald Trump president at a press conference yesterday. Gosh, it's riveting to listen to him. Do a press conference. Unlike any other presidential press conference been watching these things since I was sixteen and Nixon. Back in the battle days of Watergate, nothing is like Trump presser. You meet shell cinder? My buddy from PBS cut number three. Mr president. You said you feel a kinship? Can ship with Brad Kavanagh?.

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