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Tony Brothers, Sean, right, buck still in their white Younis, tops and bottom trimmed in Green and the Phoenix Suns still going with their valley uniform. Dark uniforms. They got the colors of the sunset coming down the side and across the chest as much are you guys interested to see if there's any lineup changes as far as matchup changes from what we saw at the start of Game one here tonight, Well, P. J. Tucker had the most matchups against Chris Paul 28 through holidays, second at 21. Curious to see Do they start in that manner? We didn't really see that early in the game. But when he did guard Chris Paul on the initial thrust And they used the screen and switched. They made P. J. Tucker paid the price being on atan lot of lobs right into eight and he had three baskets in the paint there in the early going, so we'll see. Maybe Tucker doesn't start on Chris Paul to start the game. We'll soon find out, but it will be the second possession because Brook Lopez always wins. The tip. Sons took the opener Zach's harbor, the lead official ball away, and there it is. Brook Lopez wins the tip into the back court and the bucks with the booze again for Yannis and the Bucks into the front court. Attacking to the left. As we watch it. Janice has it now on the left wing, he'll hand it off the holiday goes behind the on screen suits of three continues to struggle. Bridges rips away the rebound. Want to get them going, but three point shots off the run? I don't know. It's kind of a tough shot to get started. Holiday was for four from three and four for 14. Game one. Chris Paul will give it up to bring us up high darks down the lane lost it into the hands of the honest Janice down the middle of the floor, with little pace all the way down flushes with the right hand. Well, you talk about pace and get an easy buckets make a miscue and Yana says, Let me get in transition. Nobody's going to step in front. You'd have to lose your mind to do it. Not many scored that basket the way he did Wow, no way That was the road runner from and heading for the nigh on the rim. Here's Chris Paul Circling, lost it off. The split takes it out of bounds, and it will go to Milwaukee already with a two nothing lead in the opening minutes to turns here in less than a minute, Phoenix had to turn over all of the first quarter of Game one. Here we go bucks from right to left through holiday puts the thumb up. That's the play called Janice will set a screen at the free throw line now set a screen for holiday who gets down to the elbow. 12 Twitter. There you go Holidays on the board to me. Drew's game is getting to the paint can get comfortable. First to John's point about. Don't take an early three. Get there. Kicker drive game going for nothing, but Booker drives goes to crowd and he hits a triple from the right wing just knew you couldn't keep them down. Five from three in Game one, too good. A shooter. Here's Yanis again, aggressive spins and flushes over Jae Crowder, two straight dunks for Yannis Data. Colombo said he was going to be more aggressive today, and he has Chris Paul went in the air landed and passed off him did not get a whistle on a travel as Paul Drive and be honest. Watch it away. Paul never saw that long. I'm coming from behind. It's one on three. Milwaukee. Now they get back on defense Holiday has it up hard spin in the paint puts it up on the right hand it in. I don't like the demeanor or the approach of Phoenix casual with the basketball almost three straight turnovers like Where's that aggressive mindset we saw in Game one would expect them to look like this in Game one, Not game. 283 Milwaukee, which looks like.

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