Amaya Robertson, Simon Owen, President Trump discussed on Tony Katz Today


John Hera, and I'm Kirk darling. Here's what's trending at twelve noon. That's not good news though. The search for little Amaya Robertson is still ongoing says Indianapolis metro police sergeant Jim Gillespie plead for public health. If you know where this child is where my gives call you have information that's pretty of his gives call detectives were on the west side yesterday along eagle creek out here the follow up on that lead. And they discovered there some items that could possibly be related to the case. However that is not conclusive at this point in time. Her mother's boyfriend was arrested Sunday for criminal recklessness. A separate charge. From the case Amaya has been missing for five days. Now Zealand is cracking down on gun ownership after. Mass shooting left dozens killed. Fox's Simon Owen you seat. It's prime minister saying the country's history changed forever last Friday. And now it's gun laws will to descend done announcing a ban on what she called minute. Tree style semiautomatic weapons time for the mess and easy viability of these weapons must end. She said anyone who already owns an effective weapon will be required to surrender rates and will be compensated by the government, Simon Owen, Fox News. President Trump says he's looking forward to seeing special counsel Robert Muller, spinal report, Trump said yesterday at the White House. It's up to attorney general Bill bar to decide what to do with mothers findings PD officers in the hospital with a few injuries after his cruiser collided with a semi on. I seventy near keystone this morning. It's all happened before five thirty this morning when the officers traveling westbound and collided with the semi the officers, call are partially went underneath a part of the semi and then collided with the car. Concrete medium wish TV's Kevin Radan reporting the semi stopped about a half mile away from where the collision happened. The officer was awake and talking with first responders, Indiana religious groups are taking the lead in passing for a hate crimes law. I'm Eric Berman Christian Muslim Jewish Hindu 'em. Seek leaders gathered at the state house to urge legislators to authorize longer sentences when crimes are motivated by hate John girton with Indianapolis Christ missionary Baptist church says targeting specific groups isn't just another crime..

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