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Way down towards the deck. Denver tech center, beware. There's a brand new crash right around Bellevue. Just a little Fender bender. But traffic's going to be kinda heavy and slow down for twenty-five along. Southbound I twenty five that will only continue to grow police paramedics show up on scene that earlier rollover cleared up and out of your way Parker, and I look the backups. They're getting better starting to see a lot of slowdowns around town to seventy heavy. Stop and go already commerce city drive. Denver weather tonight. Partly cloudy. Few flurries out of this overnight, low at twenty one sunny and forty one for a high tomorrow thirty three now, traffic and weather Marano O'neil six thirty Kate. How? And now the iheartradio weekend sports time capsule. Hey, sports fans, sandy west. And I'm here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history. Start off way back in nineteen zero one for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team is dropped from the American League replaced by the St Louis Browns this week in nineteen forty-three. Major league baseball Commissioner Kennesaw Landis announces that any baseball club may now sign African American players this week in one thousand nine hundred fifty six and wilt chamberlain's first collegiate basketball game he scores Fifty-two points this week in nineteen sixty eight major league baseball drops the pitcher's mound from fifteen inches to ten inches and the strike zone. Reduced from these to shoulders to top of knees to armpits to help the hitters this week in one thousand nine hundred to the forty eighth Heisman Trophy award goes to Herschel Walker from the university of Georgia. He played eleven years. In the NFL, but started his professional career with the USFL's New Jersey generals this week nineteen Ninety-two San Francisco forty Niners. Jerry Rice catches an NFL record one hundred and first touchdown. He finished his career with a hundred and ninety seven total touchdowns and this week in one thousand nine hundred seven Golden State Warriors guard Latrell Sprewell four year..

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