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Retailer purveyor. They have a really big thing where the cigars are in called. A humidor keeps them moist and we started picking out lighter. Rapper cigars. there's varying sizes of. They taught me how to cut them properly. How to light them properly a little that i realized i had no fighting chance. In the beginning i burn the shit out of the top of the rapper. A hot box that bitch. I asked at the wrong way smoked. at all. the way back 'til there was like heat coming in on the final draws throw it away well before then. There's cigars should be smoked in thirds. And not the last third commonwealth of information at this point. However i'm happy to say that. I am anxiously awaiting your direction. What i should be smoking what. I should be looking at sizes lighter recommend. I'm open. I'm open to any and all recommendations long as you have some kind of knowledge base behind your recommendations. I am willing email me. I want to hear all about greg at the bbq central show dot com cigar. Smoking who would have thought that a whole different take gonna do on that. But i got off track big surprise. I'll let me talk to you quickly about primo grills before we get to the embedded correspondents. What do we love about ceramic cook. We love their fuel efficient. We love that. You can get low and slow temperature's and correspondingly very high temperatures in the same cook but what's missing from the everyday lineup of ceramic cooker. The real ability to do true cook two-zone cooking very important to both professionals and backyard. Cooks like it's the best way to manage a fire and cook with confidence however getting a two zone fire around ceramic cooker not veer very realistic. Why because it's a round entering premo grills and their game changing over designed shape gives you the ability to execute that two-zone setup you desire. It also gives you the other ceramic grill benefits. Well really when you break it down. There's more than sixty different configurations for the primo cooker. So you're only limited by your culinary imagination. We all love that. Lift hinge advancement. That's been made to the top of the grill. A nice eight pound lift which is really light. They've also revamped top and bottom air dampers. But you're wanting more and more and more and i get that primo. Has you covered. The most anticipated accessory. Today is out and you can get it right now. The primo grill rotisserie turns out great food including everybody's favorite chicken wings with ease go online. Premo grill dot com. Check it out or visit your local premo dealer and pick up. They're coming a bit later. Premo grill pizza accessories you can use. Bob's pizza's seasoning and sauce on the premo grill pizza accessories. Well keep your eyes peeled for them. Here's the bottom line. Best remington the busiest patented technology of course true to zone cooking capabilities af. When you consider it should only be getting the premium in the size. Does it all the shape says it. All primo dot com. That's the place to follow him on. Social. we're back with the embedded. Correspondents stick around. You're listening to the number one most downloaded barbecue and grilling podcast anywhere. The barbecues central's show howard stern. Jim rome dan patrick and greg the mountain rush more of talk show entertainment. Let's get back to the barbecues central. Show welcome back portion being brought to you by pitt barrel cooker the most unbelievable outdoor cooking vice on the planet currently available in to name three. That's right regular junior and the pbf whether you're a beginner or professional definitely cookie. One add the arsenal visit pit barrel cooker dot com and tell them the barbecue. Central show sent you now. I believe is that right. All right a thought. It was picking a barbecue bob and the other camera but it looks like a camera. Adjustments have helped themselves. So let's go ahead and raise the hotline and welcome back the second. The second hour who book the fourth tuesday of the month regular guests in the second hour impales. Oh mind the embedded correspondents here. They are john solberg right there to my top right the longest running a bed correspondent doug shining to my direct bottom and look here. He is making his second appearance in his many week. Rusty monster for the great utah. Appreciate you joining me. As always john or are we gonna lose you potentially or have the storms rolled through. And you are loud and proud and wall-to-wall i'm loud and proud wall the wall and i have ox powered up on my set tonight. So if the power goes back down. I am on inverted power. And i'm here for the duration right. John has made extra accommodations to be on the show tonight which we certainly appreciate and adore. We got a lot of topics to get to tonight. Here is so let's start here. I number one favorite barbecue rub on the four big meets number. One is chicken rusty. What do you like with chicken. Zero to hero is the my favorite chickens time close. That's a that the rod great rob yup ciro on a present. What are the chances we were just talking about rod gray as we were promoting the best moments of show and rusty boston saying zero. Here was the one. That's the eat more barbecue. Is it eat barbecue or eat more barbecue more barbecue barbecue right. Doug favorite chicken rub have to. What helped win houston rodeo. Harry sue jailbird chicken healy right john. Best chicken room calendars. I'm going cavaliers. Greek all day long in the backyard every single day for me. I'm a huge I mean. I don't think it's any surprise that one of the benefits of having the show for so long as everybody who's had a rub has sent me their stuff. I've tasted everybody's rub and what it's boils down to is this. There's a sponsor of my show who makes incredibly good rubs that happens to be sterling ball of big poppa smokers. I cannot help but say that a combination of little lewis seasoned salt topped with sweet money rub. Chicken for me is my favorite. I know it's too but the combination of those is absolutely magic and That's me continuing on number two. Let's talk rub on ribs doesn't matter if you like saint louis style ribs or baby back ribs or whatever john your favorite rib rub amazing ribs memphis tasks off the website. That make is my number one rib rub period by the way barbecue. Racing news exclusive news update referee reporting from the breaking news desk here in cleveland. Ohio where the essential show breaks the most breaking news and life our industry and breaking news breaking anywhere across the globe. John just mentioned amazing ribs dot com and the memphis dub on the recipe on the website. However if you don't like that newly released and ready for retail.

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