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Police officers and their families for over sixty years, and for that we're going to head down through ice level and joined the best in the business. Mr. Jim Carney. Listen who is standing on the red carpet extends out from the penalty. Timekeepers? Along with some very special guests enjoy the anthem hawks fans. The senior national anthem. Cornelius sent a little bit under the weather, but fighting through it, and he just gave us a nice rendition of our star spangled banner outstanding playing hurt well done here tonight starting lineups in goal for the Pittsburgh Penguins. You by the way there on their father's trip in dole is Casey dismissed. Defensive Brian Dumoulin crisslow Tang from left to right. It's Derek restarted left wing centering the penguins opening wise Sidney Crosby starting at the right wing against the Blackhawks. It's Corey Crawford and goal in his against the Pittsburgh, Penguins, ease eight one at defense are Duncan Keith. And Henry Yogi you apart from left to right Brandon Saad, the Pittsburgh guy starts at left wing centering. The hawks softening line Jonathan dominant will start at the right wing referees tonight, a Garrick rank and Brad Watson, the linesmen Michel Corby and Brandon garlic. Faceoff is sponsored by chevydriveschicago dot c com. Your local Chevy dealer gives you the edge with fixed lease more Chevy for less money. Ask about Chevy's big fix least two of the best leaders all professional hockey. And through the best off hand will face off at center ice, the drop of the puck. This one goes the way of the hawks and we're underway. Keep at the hawk line moving. Over to yoki Har you put it up the right wing at center ice from events. Is he added Bannon off his stick cancel the other way the hawk zone, right point. Put it down the boards. Picked off by Duncan Keith. His swing the puck down ice and this will roll right in onto Smith sweeps at wide Tila tank. He put it behind the net up the far side tastes had the puck for a moment. Lost it to Brian Dumoulin. The pit Aford. Maine native will flip the puck down ice into the hawk zone penguins. Get a quick line change. Connor Murphy back in the hawk zone between the circles turning with the puck passing up the right lane. Cain gave it away in the high slot Kanter shot. I not I save like Corey Crawford with the right path Carl dalstrom behind the hawk net. Dropped the puck off. The Murphy moves it up left wing to break it at center ice rink wide. Pass Kane over the pens line, right circle. Shoots. That's over the net profit last and the puck deflects up into the protective netting. And so we get a whistle staffing. Play fifty five seconds gone in the hockey game pucks and penguins. No score a great opportunity there to one one Patrick Kane. Defenseman actually played it pretty good allowing Patrick Kane. To take the shot taking away the past as much as he could was only Mata given the goaltender dismiss that opportunity to focus on Patrick Kane alone. I wide on the short side. Boy, I'd like to have that one go in a golden opportunity. Not even a shot on goal for Patrick Kane. Here's a drawn-out circle to the left of dismiss penguins. Get it and it spun behind the net to the near side in the penguins owned by Marcus Paterson. He came over in that trade with Anaheim that sent Daniel sprung to Anaheim Brian Ross at center ice takes a gift from Riley Sheahan Hannah's, former teammate at Notre Dame. The puck down in behind the hawk net. Manning battling back there along with shea hand. Favorite the puck out loser into the far corner. Taken by Zach Aston Reese, you moves it across the rink at the flex out of the of the who lost it behind the net. And it centered out in front by hand swept away by Manning's came for a corner. Spins it behind the hawk net up the left wing side and to bring it will with the puck out the center ice, and then turn and Kerry back into the hawk zone handed off the Brendan Laney between the circles, he leaves it there for Henry, how are you? Moving up the right wing shot. Head of the pens line off of Dumont's, elbow pads. The penguins. Get it back Eric grant will flip the puck hawk blue line. Henry how you right there is a Hawkesbury group. Not hard you circle till the right of Crawford pass up the right wing Dylan's secure at center ice in his hawks season debut. He it back to yoki hard you hawk zone over to Keith the David camp. Penguin blue line deflects it into the right wing corner. Penzone taken by Sikora lose it into the right circle. Camp fans on a shot. Keith got the puck back along the left ports. Tried to fire. That's block secure got it back along the left wing board. Visit behind the pens net and up the far side. Derek grant will keep the puck to center ice taken back by the Hawk's David camp. You dumps it off the left wing glass and down behind the penguin. Hawks. Tried to change their deep pairs puck ends up rolling into the far corner. Where camp runs into Dumoulin Millen sent the puck up the left wing out. Cahoon took it at the right point turns and fires. That's why Penn Chris let Tang in the near corner penguins up battling narrowed Brandon Saad who works at free dominant behind the net came up with the wraparound under Smith. Went down and stopped it with his left pad holds on whistle-stopping. Play shots on goal favoring the hawks two to one no score on the board was seventeen ten left in the first goal in the game last night in Winnipeg points and a couple of straights for Dominic a goal and assist every goal and assist by John of Patrick Kane is sponsored by chevydriveschicago dot com. Log on right now editor to seats on the glass, December twenty seventh game. Take your best shot. Marcus is gonna get tossed out of the faceoff circle gets Riley Sheahan circle to dismiss left and John Hayden into win the draw. Seabrook right point takes the time. Fires down toward the circle. The flex off the end boards and offer Marcus cruder, stick Brian rust in the near corner tank was on hand back of the net totally monitor along the left wing boards penguins on made a pass across the rink. And Brandon manning racing back to the dots in the hawk zone. Ahead of Brian Ross creates an icing call here against the penguins. Face off comes down in the circle.

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