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Greyhound racing in ST Petersburg Derby Lane had been winding down operations since voters approved an amendment banning dog racing and 2018 No big jackpot winners for the $341 million Powerball jackpot Saturday night to lucky players did. Get $2 million each Wednesday draw now up to $363 million on Exciting day in the NFL yesterday. Tampa Bay is in the 2020 playoffs for the first time in 13 seasons. The Buccaneers did get into those playoffs with the 47 7 Road win over Detroit yesterday, and the Miami Dolphins got a win over the Las Vegas Raiders. 26 2 25 Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick with a 59 yard touchdown pass. I think we've got a special team. I think this team all year long as as fought, and for me, it's it's not just this year. It's it's the last two years with Florida's news into night. This is a Bloomberg money minute. 2020 was a tough year for US car sales, thanks to the pandemic, but as we head into 2021 car buyers or again expected to be kicking the tires in person at the dealer. Rumor got a reporter Gabrielle Coppola says predictions that the business would move online have so far failed to pan out the idea that you know the pandemic changed the nature of auto retail forever. With a little bit far fetched because cars they're not commodities. Coppola says online buyer she spoke with already knew what they wanted. I think if you're not sure, then there really isn't a replacement for just going in and doing a test drive and touching and feeling, and Coppola says many dealers are working to accommodate skittish customers. Bring that, Carter, you and Lady, Test it out. The question is, is that really As benefits expire. The president doesn't budge. I'm ham who sell Fox News Millions of Americans who have been relying on enhanced unemployment insurance during the Corona virus. Pandemic can no longer depend on it. The benefits expired last night since President Trump refuses to sign a virus relief bill negotiated by Democrats and Republicans in Congress. According to the Department of Labor. As of right now, about 14 million Americans lost those federal jobless benefits that they had been counting on especially difficult during the holiday season because no extension was signed. Fox is David Sponte, also in limbo, a government spending bill linked to the cove and bill If that's not signed, the government could shut down late tomorrow. Around the world Nations are working to protect themselves from a new variant of the virus first detected in Britain that's believed to spread more quickly. Starting Monday, Japan will bar entry of all non resident foreign nationals to Nashville, where federal agents are searching for clues in a bombed out section of the downtown. We have no indication of additional explosive threats. No other explosive devices were discovered. FBI Special agent Doug Corn nasty yesterday, authorities searched a home in the backyard and suburban Antioch, where a recreational vehicle similar to the one that exploded on Christmas was seen in online pictures taken last year. Authorities are also working to identify the human remains found near the blast site. Across much of the.

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