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Welcome back to the monocle daily. I'm andrew miller still with me. Are our guests. Married to jetski. And steve crawshaw now. There are few political gambles quite like the snap election. They are traditionally called by two kinds of government. Won the beleaguered. If not downright embattled kind feeling it has nothing much left to lose beyond what remains of its dignity and anything is worth a heave at this point all the reasonably comfortable administration which reckons it can improve on. Its present position justin trudeau. Prime minister of canada falls into the latter category though he has been leading a minority government since the last election in two thousand nineteen. He is polling quite well and has accordingly called a snap election for september twentieth. Mary the snap election is also by definition an early election How early is too early though. This is a full two years ahead of schedule. Well i suppose he would probably say in his defence That he's running a minority government. So if you can improve on your position even after just two years that's quite good But it does look like. It doesn't look like opportunism over naked. Kind because it appears that. He's trying to capitalize on his government's performance during the pandemic When canada looked rather good compared with some big southern neighbor so It'll be very interesting to see where the canadian voters actually by that or whether they decide to do what sometimes happens when people call and you get punished for it well. There is a balance here. Steve because on the one hand it tends to annoy voters that you you've held another election you go into ruin their saturday or thursday or whatever day of the week you have your elections but you do at least spare them along campaign. I mean this this. This is pretty brisk. Do you have a favorite example. Though of i snap election going off in someone's face we have had one here not all that long ago we have. I mean that's kind of the romanian impossible. Is the elephant in the british room. For sure of theresa may who is going to quote unquote get brexit don and was kind of not getting done. But we're getting get it done. The so clearly which needs to do is to hold a brisk election and to strengthen majority to be able to do everything marvelously because it looked like money in the bank. Get brexit don. You had another obligingly hopeless opposition front pages from that period. There's glorious series of front pages. How she was going to absolutely walk it. This was the daily mail. Caster buca wanted. I think i seem to recall so the champagne was already either on into the into the fridge. To to to celebrate this and of course he went badly badly wrong And with all the cascading implications that we saw later. The boris johnson. The figure who nobody wanted came in. And and all the the fact that for all the criticisms anyone might have had of theresa. May you have to say she was trying to be. And i have very very many including at times him secretary But she was trying to do the right thing in her own terms and that blue wop in ways that will have you know. We'll continue to have echoes. In britain years to come so within democracies it can definitely go badly wrong where it goes wrong in dictatorships. that's of course even more fun for sure Do you have any favorite snap election. Mishaps mishaps. I'm not sure about mishaps i mean. I think that it's probably worth looking back. As angela merkel reaches the end of her chancellorship that she actually came to power. I seem to remember after. Gerhard schroeder called a An early election Not by choice but because he was forced by losing a vote of confidence. But that is how Malcolm began her time at the top of german politics but she didn't win very convincingly and it wasn't it wasn't a very certain start But i suppose Against staying on the home front in the uk we we've got the example of The one that didn't happen Gordon brown who didn't hold us nappy election when probably should have done to Establish himself after. Tony blair and he He failed to do that and he was punished by the voters for almost the opposite when he did run for election and he was he was basically thought offers having being too much of a coward to go ahead with the election. That is quite the parallel time. Line isn't it. To think that gordon brown calls an election two thousand eight hundred. He might be partway through his third term. In downing street right now Lettuce just move on. Finally on our panel to exciting new avenue open to us by the internet. Welcome to review bombing the threatening of authors with career destroying one-star reviews on such platforms as good reads and amazon. According to a report in time magazine which i do recommend because it is bleakly hilarious office being menaced only the for purposes of blackmail or ideological a prospect sufficient to strike here and strike fear in fact into the heart of writers who ought to cite a completely random example nurturing good read of three point eight styles from six hundred forty six ratings all four books still readily available etc. Avoid the reviews. Steve stevo mary ever being reviewed bondo taken part in a review bombing. I said we haven't taken politics. There was one famous occasion where a historian decided to Post them nassir views of a rival his previous guests on this program a very distinguished history so that was kind of interesting on my own. I feel more that way. It's smooth reviews coming sometimes. I feel. I'm not quite sure whether you actually read the book or understood it But most of them have failed. That the nicest actually experience. I had on was discovering my very elderly mother who is then kind of passed ninety. I think it had gone under her maiden name had decided to go on amazon to post a review saying how marvelous to britain by steve crucial was not using her action. Eight years later. I never said. I didn't actually see it at the time when she never told me the parental loyalty. I'm pretty sure i am pretty sure. Roy have the mum review on amazon myself. Though i would like special shoutout at this point to the review of hutu. Todd one of my books on amazon. Saying it's not a novel and and it wasn't. I mean no word of a lie. But i felt their assessment. The was somewhat harsh. In the circumstances there is a wider compensation here mary about the usefulness of online reviews where the review bombs or not. Do you take them seriously. When contemplating a purchase it depends how that couched in the sort of language in the sort of attitude. The the review as such betrays. Sometimes i do. Sometimes i don't mostly i don't Because one of my absolute pet hates is the email things that you subscribe to that then circulate things with things you might like recommended new etc etc and they immediately arouse reaction which says who are you to dictate what i want to read so i think they can actually have the reverse effect to whether it's recommendation or the complete opposite. Steve your purchases go to any extent by the recommendations of anonymous ranchos. I think no. It's not i'm very. I'm incredibly old fashioned. I will kind of google it to find a newspaper review the i respect. Say what did you think about it. And then i will meet clearly line then you could. If my favorite newspaper thinks it's okay. Then i at least pick it up in a bookshop. The has more old school. Like steve show and mary jetski. Thank you both very much for joining us. Time now on the daily for the second of our postcards from a selection of cities in north america which are holding merrill elections this year. Yesterday we heard from buffalo new york today where in canada in quebec's largest city montreal. The last time montrealers voted for mayor in two thousand seventeen. they achieved an electoral. Upset voting in the outlying candidate. Valerie plant who became montreal's first female mair her reelection prospects this year however are looking uncertain as linda. Guli a correspondent at the montreal. Gazette explains.

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