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Those fbi workers later joined muller's investigation team late last month attacks some texts were recovered and dell quentin wilbur of the wall street journal red through them a warning to listeners there some coarse language ahead mr wilbur welcome to the program ernie think firmly all right set this up for us there were text messages between fbi agent peter struck and lisa page and fbi lawyer on there's been various batches of these text messages takase through what we know about this it's really of trim so our peter struck was the top agent on hillary clinton's investigation of her email server he was also probably one of the best counterintelligence agents according to people who know him in the fbi and he had been promoted to be a deputy assistant director and that way after the clinton investigations done member it ended in july of 2016 ended with an investigation into her email her private emails server eccentric us dan he starts the rush for pro he's the top counterintelligence guy he's helping you help supervise that investigation of whether they're links between trump associates in moscow to meddle in the 2016 presidential election so is a central guy in sympathies very very important investigations that were taking place yes meanwhile is having affair with a fbi or your name lisa page who is the eight like the top lawyer councils two deputy director andrew mccabe and so a lot of other itchy works some on the clinton crowe and she is well aware of the russian investigation and their tax they've released various batches their text messages on their work zones um there was the first batch december remember that's where all the political ones come out or they toll called trump a jewish and they call bernie sanders a twostate did not like a lot of politicians um so is her ankle opportunity at disdain if he will get yeah but they just dane trump more than now they released to congress uh a couple of weeks ago three hundred eighty four pages seven thousand text messages they released that bunched it was really interesting euros like insight into two people who were in the crucible of like these two high profile cases in like that he played talking about about to interview clinton at a much stronger bucks now the republicans have been using this to suggest that there was some sort of conspiracy against the.

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