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Always wear wear Now. Looks like I'm looking in your budget. You're more of a red ribbon. So so, oh, academics out out of the park. But here's where I love Catholic schools and everyone knows and I don't run from it. I love it. Parent involvement is every parent is involved in the school. Every single parent does something at the school, so that kind of environment is eyes unquestionable. I I don't know how you don't sew. Some families can't afford to go. And by the way, if you look it up, you can afford it. Okay. You can afford it. There are there are the price is right for great school. So I want you to look it up and you don't have to go to your neighborhood. So I want you looking up so The day. There's one thing. There's the luncheon, which is humongous 500 thousands, but they also used to do a raffle. We I'd yell at people and say, Hey, by the raffle right before, But you did it virtually this year. Afraid to ask How much was that? It was a better worse. Well, we we went. We launched it about 10 days ago, and ah, and the schools, the saint, ex and trendy, helped us with their constituents kind of launch it as well. So we had a really broad audience. And the total we cut off last night, eight o'clock. The total amount in the pot is 21,000 and $50.0. Okay, listen, and we used to. We used to do about 8000, right? Oh, yeah. Right way. We're lucky. Yeah, sure. I I'm gonna lay out a line right here. If I win, it's all going to the kids, okay? He's going back into the kitty. Okay, Loving now, OK, because it's all for the kids, anyway. Okay, so rich, we're actually going to do this. Live on the radio right now. Correct? So if you bought a raffle ticket if you got online and purchase a raffle raffle ticket through the Catholic Education Foundation And right now we're going to AA announce that name. We all There's a process that we have to do that we have Are. Who's got the Notre Dame? Sure, Gil one sword with Gil, you ready to push the button? All right. Let's do it where we're going. Facebook lab to Ah, yeah Page Catholic Education Foundation. If you want to see what tone even Andy's house looks like from behind, or matter, Tony Bennett he's behind. Go to the Catholic. What was it? Education Foundation Education Foundation. Facebook Page. Okay, so do we have the winner? Who? Karen Callahan. Sure. Tell Alan you have just won $10,125 cash. Karen Callahan. $10,525 is yours. That is the split the pot had. That's the raffle 50 50 raffle for the Catholic Education Foundation. Salute to the game luncheon, which we did virtually on Wave three. John Ramsey's A fantastic personality in the coaches did great. The players did great Nate Mac, I think represent eternity. Ah, Nate McElroy. Correct. Yeah, we call him Nate Mac, His friends coming back. Really great. What? In who represented Saint ex Oh, Tucker, Okay. Great. Tucker train great kids, great kids representing their school. If you know, Sharon, make sure that you go out to dinner with her over the next week or so sick of your phone's blowing up right now. And then when the check comes, just go Should we pay for this or the person who just won $10,000 for this work? Here's what Here's what I'll say Rich and And these times we've gotta watch after our kids because they hide it. Well, they hide this dress. Well, Ah, and I will tell you this. I think kids hide stress well way better than adults. Ask your kids dive deep into it. In what I think the difference from Catholic schools. And every other school I will again. I won't run from going to say they're the teacher's arm or at their advocates for your Children. Not just teachers. They're going to keep after your emotional well being of your kids. Not just teaching the math and history and the rest of that stuff, So it's important. And if you're interested in the Catholic Education Foundation, we talked about ST James, which is a school in the Highlands. And that's cool. Ah, lady Down the street, Mrs Clark. She's teaching there Now. We saw her. She pulled in. She's done a 12 hour day at ST James, and she goes, This is the most rewarding job she's ever had. It's a great school, and it's very diverse. Yes, after the kids or African American over 40 of the kids or bust in every day from West Louisville, Yeah, we're trying to make an impact there as well. And they're they're blowing and going right now and growing in The key is about 80 and 130 kids. They're about 85. We support through the foundation right? So none 85 of those kids probably wouldn't have a shot of going to a Catholic school without all of our donors making this happen for them. So it's It's very powerful. Um, Julie and Rich aunty is here and we and you guys have done a fantastic job. What is next for the Catholic Education Foundation? You know, we're thinking really big. We're talking to our board and doing a feasibility study around really kind of a major campaign to grow this thing beyond of my time at the foundation or Julie's time in I think the next probably in the next year, so we're going to launch something really big..

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