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Steve I'm. Great how are? You? Doing great. Show I'll thank, you. But I was calling? About? The Scarlett. Johansson thing all, right Little observation, Michelle Rodriguez from the fastest furious franchise did a movie a big budget flop about a year ago where she played a man or a, woman who was turned into a man or vice versa and played the same role as a transgender assassin the, movie tank and no one said a word about it and my guess is because it's, not Scarlett Johansson, where she's as big of a celebrity I. Don't know but it literally was the same subject matter. No, one. Said a, work I, getting, out of control well yeah I mean we look there's there's the outrage police and and and for them it was. Unacceptable, that, Scarlett Johansson were were to play this role I it's it's unfortunate that we're in this this world where you, can't even accept a role? Without without people flipping a you. Know what, I mean I guess. That's where. We are my man thanks for the call, I was I feel like if she wasn't as famous she wouldn't have had her. Bald, busted for lack of a better term as much I I. Don't disagree With that she's an actress who had the chance to. Play, a transgendered man They visited. Papa John from from his company headquarters in Louisville they kicked? Him. Right out did you read the interview with the guy. By the way no so he did a radio show. And it's the worst like he doubled down on his feelings about the NFL and then he said he was tricked, by the by the people who are, supposed, to be doing that the, workshop he said, he got tricked into saying well I don't know about that but I. I, it, doesn't surprise me that they might have wanted him out of, there yeah he he said Friday afternoon interview on w. h. Louisville radio station, he felt he was pressured to. Use the Edward. During the conference call quote the agency was promoting that vocabulary? They, pushed. Me has anybody ever, felt the pressure to use the n. word, well no but, sometimes, you know when you're around racist due to. Use it, you're just like oh you don't expect me to use, that to I mean unless you're going undercover as a white supremacist I don't know, how you could feel pressured to, ever use the n. word that's a great question seventy seven five, seven nine five eight hundred seven seven one one or two five I have, the radio, interview from when. He when he says he was he was pressured to use, the n. word but it's. A it's a long asked every twenty eight minutes and thirty? Five. Seconds and I I don't think he comes back from. That one but he doesn't need to last time we. Checked he was worth eight hundred million dollars with what does he enjoy your money Papa John seventy seven five seven, nine one zero to five and eight, hundred, seventy seven.

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