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And I was he overthrew the guy badly and I'm they're just waiting camped under it and I tried to it was over my head a little bit but he's an easy catch if I'm just in my backyard. Is Dead. They gave me oversized shoulder pads so that I couldn't bring my hands together over my head and so the whole went right through like like. UPRIGHTS or something. So frustrated anyway. Yeah. That's my. Less Gorman was our coach at Saint Joe Saint. Joe's went about. Because we one of the only schools, Steve Back then that had field. Okay, nice sweet. It was in the Catholic board junior high schools and I don't know there's five or six schools that competed and We had a Saint Saint Joe had some sort of record Steve. Saint Joe School was I think it's a Jewish community center now was on broadview and Carling. Sort of backing onto the Queensway is where that that high school was? And they had a record of one hundred over something like they never lost. and. But we gotta sort of sort of wacky coach. Let's Gorman and I was a little Lippi Steve Okay no not yeah and I was small and my my brother Paul who's a year older so we on the scene he we're on the same team for one year and and he was petrified for me because I didn't know how to play football and you know it was. Hard hitting football team. Gorman our coaches all about the hitting all the time in the practice and my brother said. Man Run as fast as you can even cause, you'll get hurt if you're scared, you're going to get hurt. And one of the drills Steve Okay this would this would almost have a guy committed now if this. Okay. So he puts pylons about I. Don't know two feet apart. Okay. Maybe three feet Steve. and. And so you got all the guys tacklers on one side of the pilots and you've got the running backs. Okay. The ball carries on the other side and so garments says, okay here's what's going to happen. You're going to get the ball. Okay and you got to run through those pylons. Okay and of course, the tackler will we'll meet you there steve at the pilots. Are. So Tim Sherwood was a monster football player killer football player. Gay Middle Linebacker and. You were frightened to go against his opponents would just like fear for their life. Okay. This guy you know and so he'd look out he'd pick guys gourmet golic this. Okay. Sure what? You're up to tackle and then he'd look over us and he go. Jerome. Rome. Yeah. The guy hit me so hard Steve Okay all my equipment came off over my head and my football pants went down like Charlie Brown. Just disintegrated me absolutely disintegrated. Anyway not. Steve by the way, my brother poll was an excellent football player. He played for the Ravens, the Carleton Ravens, any went onto play for York University you had mentioned that he's. He's wonder wonder how your siblings. Really. Not Too much in that. He's also homicidal maniac as you've presented him here's wants. To be a football player no doubt in any event I'm glad yet your helmet on for that for that big hit and when you think about it kirk cousins probably thinks helmets don't prevent head injuries, right? Why doesn't believe face saying? Yeah about Kirk cousins. So if you're the equipment guiding, you're loading up his locker, can I just interrupt there I gave you a perfect segue to go back to kirk cousins and yet they then you ignored it and then you gave your own sake way of now back to kirk cousins wh that was what I just did. But Anyway Terry do that you do that to me all the time I don't know. Half listening. Anyway, let's talkable. Kirk cousins here I. Okay. So the equipment guys loading up his locked. So now this story breaks Kirk cousins, who says I don't think masks are doing anything for the virus. Okay and you hear that and go did I just hear what I heard okay and you're on his team. So you guys. So you're loading it up cleats pads depends again, hips. Okay. Anger hanging them on the hooks there and then you're going muzzle. Okay Ball Gag. Okay. Kirk, you gotta wear this okay I. Don't believe I don't believe that those things actually work to help people from talking I'm sorry. Yeah. Maybe not but I don't know he's got a Zipper it. Okay you got. These health people. Hearing. This guy say that going, are you kidding me? You know these guys have the year of the of the youth to Steve. So. What else you think the earth is flat yeah. condoms don't work. Probably, a bunch of other stuff that's bad. They didn't work when his parents were having sex scene now John Carew what Oh. No. No No. You can't say that they have made a big trade to talk about them bringing in a pretty well-known goalie to help out Carey price that's coming up next after these words get out there and find your wild with the.

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