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If you've won six hundred eighty dollars the dubs went last night, but that wasn't six hundred eighty bucks. Little bigger stakes there it was game to risk of colon home down to nothing and I'm stuck immediate impact pride about this on Friday. I don't know if it's like, if it's if it's confidence or arrogance or just blind loyalty to a team, but I said on Friday dude, even if they lost game two I'm not I was not convinced that. That would have been the, the backbreaking blow that this team needed to lose this series. I felt like dude with what we've seen from Steph curry, what we've seen in the depth of this team. And they shoot it again last night, you've got Indra bogeyed steps onto the floor. It's three huge alleyoop. Little tap in dunks layups whatever you wanna call him he plays phenomenal defense. You've got DeMarcus cousins, who's, you know, we can hear the next man up and tally thing every single game. And it's a it's a tired comment. Sure. But when guys live up to the next moment, mentality or the next man up mentality and when it happens game after game if it's later talked about how this game felt very similar to the game five against the rockets not the game six run where you had to get it done without Katie, but game five where Katie leaves the game with the injury, he was the focal point of the offense. He was the primary score and then you had to make a decision on, whether or not you were going to be able to keep your head in this thing on whether or not the bench could step up at handle it now. Dame six was a gutsy win, but I agree game five felt a little bit more like this one where get didn't want to go. Down. Well, you couldn't afford to go down in game two really. And you had your primary score in Klay Thompson, the guy who had been red hot captured team afloat, basically the entire first half 'til Steph came on stronger late second period ends up leaving the game with an injury, then you lose one of your big men, then you get on Igwe dolla back. But then the employees this gimmicky sort of Janke defense, I guess it all started at halftime before the warriors go on this huge eighteen Davies still need a second. Here we can get going here going to get situated with some of the sound. But it did all start at halftime down by five warriors. Cut it to five at the half, Steve curl to at least I liked our positioning there. I exactly where we were. They had moved the ball out. They were getting plenty of assists, but then they come out to start the second half. And in the first five minutes, and forty seconds of the second half or years, go eighteen straight points to start the third quarter dollar. They put on Siaka defensive change there when they come out for the second half where they decided to switch things up. You have Klay on Koa Igwe del on CRM. And then you let dream on green kinda Rome played free safety position where he can be aggressive and doesn't have to worry about coming out to Garcia, if he can drop back to help just a little bit more in the paint yet. Steph curry uncowed Lowry, but I liked them. Switching up the defense there, give them different look stole at these guys get comfortable, especially after they've seen it now for five six quarters, virtually the same defender. So you get huge visits from boogie cousins, Andrew bogut, gives you big minutes. But it all started at halftime that eighteen run to start the third quarter. You don't have kevon looney coming out, Steve Kerr says, if his guys had a renewed life after they go into the tone. It was the big point in the game. My thought just staying in the game at, at the end of the second quarter was also very important. I think we were down twelve and place who's going nuts. We couldn't score and Steph and claim both God got loose and and the game loosened up a little bit. And we scored we weren't exactly making stops. But, you know, we, we cut the lead to five and could kinda breathe at halftime. And take.

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