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For criminal matter for a for for for a monetary matter some something some dispute that you have with a colleague or business partner you cannot defend yourself for i before you blink you're going to spend fifty grand before you blink that's before you go to trial was just prep work to like letters back and forth between attorneys fifty grand out the window where's that money going to come from if you only make sixty seventy eighty thousand dollars a year i don't think you're going to be able to do no you're not you can't so what do you have to do you have to settle even if you're right even if you're even if it's true even if even if you could win if you went to court you can be talking to the lawyers of sat across from the lawyers go what happens if we go to court oh go to court i mean ninety nine percent chance you're gonna win this thing like okay but what is going to cost us to go to court well it's gonna cost about two hundred thousand dollars to go to court maybe to fifty depending on you know how long it takes i'm like okay or we could settle and be done with this thing and it only costs us sixty eight thousand dollars so what are you going to do we've talked about this many many times on on this program about how broken the legal system is there's got to be a better way because the little guy cannot defend himself anymore doesn't matter whether you're right or wrong the the legal system is not about justice anymore it's not about who's got deeper pockets who can hold on the longest that's what the legal system is today and i it's just it frustrates me because i don't like i don't like working that way i'm not i'm not a dishonest or militias person by nature i'm i'm just not i i try to be honest i don't want to fight with people i would just prefer that you know that that that we just come to a reasonable agreement that we sit down across from each other if there's a dispute and figure out how to make it right i've always been that way when we had we would have.

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