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Yeah he burned a bunch of time out early in the quarter so like when you got down to five four minutes under three eight it's kinda yet you had to just play with what you had in and hope for the time out to come naturally like yeah that the eight minute mark and the four minute mark is what you're hoping for TV time outs you utilize time outs I love taking the time out like eight eight twelve you know I I don't I don't I don't remember if you did that last night or not but that's the kind of drives you crazy yeah and then the next break time out again the bulls are easy to drive the bulls are easily driving everybody crazy I guess is what I'm trying to say right now right I mean it's just it's kind of way it's the same old same old it's still want to talk about like dealing with mental and physical toughness more being my it's but it you know packs at something over the weekend the effective like when guys get into us physically we're you know we're still kind of learning how to respond Jim Boylen doll all you can really talk about is mine said in spirit and there's just nothing else I you know I don't it's like he doesn't know where to go it's a spirit mindset attitude I can you know which drive you guys can't believe this guy coach it is what you got it's unbelievable I yeah I don't know at all I I they're not going to fire the coach welcome Christmas and so they're not it's a week away they can't they love firing coach is there yeah fire and our coach can may yeah how could they think they will come Christmas it'll be another guy gone three one two three three two three seven Sally what about nine days early right now that's the phone number what could the bulls possibly do to make this better I guess the easy answer is clean house but they're not gonna fire the coach I'm telling you because then they all have to go don't they in our don't Jerry is going to have to step in and do this or Michael I got Michael Moore runs the team I think that on a day to day basis I mean if he really is upset if the old man's upset as everybody thinks he is Joe Kali wrote that story a couple weeks ago jobs going to join us in about twenty minutes give he's really that upset they're gonna have to make a tough decision because it's not getting better it's not work in this way Cody's in south bend on ESPN one thousand eight Cody take my call because what are the polls doing like what I mean we should be talking about the final thank you they had a twenty six point lead Jim Warren burger realize when you play the going through cold streak a mile or I mean you got to like all the new comer this is what all well yeah I mean you know is that the player is not doing the right job you take them out no he just keep them in there because you know what he thinks yeah good work ethic it is ridiculous I'm second Jim Boylen like it well what he thought he had lived that they have is it is all because the players a lot out of coaching like what is Jim Boylen is the office and coach of the if you he's added coach sets the tone well I mean the coach okay so are you I don't know what the right in the third quarter by Chris Paul you take somebody out you switch it up you do something you make you make all the changes because that is the defense of mine we make sure that what I mean there were a lot of new stock it is and he certainly is we should have that will include a Mormon family this is ridiculous I think around the league they refer to as young Thibodeau when his defensive prowess I don't think so he did come in with a reputation as a defensive and that's why they brought him here from pop defensively though they're like the tenth best team in defensive efficiency so they're pretty good defensively Hey late last night was ugly young Thibodeau told you can shouldn't happen man on the road at home twenty six is twenty six like that shouldn't happen again the teams are gonna blow big lead in the NBA it it's a gamer runs like you're gonna blow nineteen point lead yeah you're gonna blow a fifteen point you're you're gonna have a few of those games a year but man twenty six is an awfully healthy weight and that it's been like that so eight possessions via the three seven possessions be the three and a fourteen possessions get a lead on you you know like that he doesn't get out how many positions are there in a in a in a in a in a twenty four second shot clock it should only be about twenty positions of peace during the fourth quarter but maybe from water which I mean maybe twenty five possessions yeah so you've got to be wonderfully efficient one way and grotesquely inefficiency either way absolutely and that they were pretty inefficient last night you know the I. outside exact they were struggling to score the problems with guns on the floor I mean he show you only took three shots last night when you meet two of them but he just state he's they don't respect them at all and gardens and I can't really score and that you've got down on the floor and then you're not even really utilizing his best skill set to just completely try to lock down Chris Paul you wait wait too long to do that way was to like at that point it was too little too late so that certainly came back to bite him last night the bulls fall to you had just ten in nineteen on the season I it's probably not all that different through twenty nine games in a was a year ago it maybe had six or seven wins but I bet you only have a you know two three more wins than they did a year ago at this time when they were trying to lose Danny's in mount prospect and on ESPN one thousand eight any Danny boy Danny and a rule Danny ball right on one's going on going twice going going gone sorry Danny that's okay I was going to check for you to see with the bulls were through twenty nine games last check that out last season Hey real quick point and then north central football team we're talking about coach by Jeff for not a weed in central I I read that yeah he's a known eastern Illinois product yeah he came in right when I was leaving really yeah so just your dad when he was being recruited at probably bumped into him but I've met him and try to talk to management only golf outings yeah good man what's the what what it's like man what's going back to the court you'll be so yeah it's another little connection we have here with the Carmen in your culture they were supporting the only team plan for how many games is a twenty nine twenty nine sixteen twenty three percent okay so we got three more wins I mean is that would go for more I'm sorry for moments excuse me is that what people expected it's a signal what is what is that they're expecting thirty three wins your training below thirty three you are you're over under your factory in number your Vegas number every number that was put out there for the Chicago Bulls was thirty three I remember having the conversation when it was coming out I go you gotta take the under where are you going to see the improvement in his team was going to come from people look at me like I was nuts all that's over was a while yesterday said did they get lucky somebody stop them from going to the window because he thought it was going to be easy two years ago that's right me as I yeah as I said guys it's like thirty forty two years ago they had nine wins so they get you know like when it again that's when the whole the whole tank kinda started did it two seasons ago yes they were nine and twenty that year no one will win two years later like what do you have to show for all this year nothing in home went on ESPN one thousand a Jerry Jerry LR guard great how are you man you know what the what the polls the fact that one of the owners expect what is going to admit to themselves that they don't really value with that they don't have a a single person starting right now that could be starting that's very cool beans yeah basically a poor little William from the clippers it's Lou Williams says he can score he can score so Williams yes but then we stand what you have but he's certainly not an elf or a one NET no not a one no not even apply not even the three marker your poor when I recall the defense and the team yeah he's pretty clear is a whole life they've got a four one of the parts well they got a hold up now you may be right I mean I you know they certainly had a tendency to over value the players a little bit I don't know that they've over valued these guys I mean that I I mean these are just the players that they have this is what they got they traded Jimmy they got Zach in Lowry they they kind of have to make that work out the teams in both conference Carmen tell me what draft choice that they're gonna have come teams both comfortable all man they are trending toward the number seven yeah of course right go figure China matter where they're at their end up with seven right now they are training for the number seven of the eight pit congradulations goal is and that's something you're out it cracked me up I counted and I'm like it can't be it can't be they can't be doing it again boy gosh that is some isn't it I looked at it real quick I go I just shook my head a Denny's back Danny mount prospect is back every go ahead any Danny Danny you gotta learn to take your phone off mute let's go off either mess with us readers around his hobby cheek is hitting the mute button no more Danny sorry and he is on the north side on ESPN one thousand A. Eddie Eddie on one of those are the ones that are the most every single game before they're not going anywhere you're not going to win the title ever since lebron good work he cleared if you could not win with him and laughed and started going off so for starters the NBA the complete lack it's just going with you got one for ten fifteen years from this data what are the perfect one you could I mean I any thank you for.

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