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Step. Bro. You say portions of the following program will be recorded. Now Trending on news, 93.1 KFBK Governor Newsome has announced $52 million from the federal government will be used to slow the Corona virus in California's Central Valley, where residents of predominantly Latino communities have been working in fields, meat packing plants and warehouses. It's called schools and communities. First, it will be on your November ballot, and proponents say it will restore education funding and close tax loopholes. It would trigger a reassessment of most commercial properties in the state. Lifting the shield of Proposition 13 for businesses. Kelly Martinez represents 80 different labor unions through the Monterey Bay Labor Council. This was hurt a rally late last year explaining the need for this initiative. I think this is the camel's nose coming into the tent and You're gonna see continued effort to extract more tax revenue for the state and the state is in trouble in terms of their pensions, and I really think that Ah, lot of the impetus behind the initiative is the fund pensions that are underfunded at the state level. Okay, that was not Kelly Martinez. That was Ted Gaines. He is a former state senator, now a member of the Board of Equalization, and they heard a hearing last week on this ballot measure. Proposition 15. Let's get to Kelly Martinez. Now she's the one that represents 80 different labor unions. And she is explaining why this needs to pass yet for more than four decades, many wealthy investors and.

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