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Love island the morning after sponsored by kelloggs cornflakes to mirror seem to be the friend zone but it comes a cost rosie is coming home you're listening to the morning after the official of autumn podcast of me real free and joining me this morning i'm so happy to say is the what actress and me eight tie he talk on gholam is that when love islands done ta i'm literally like i'm reeling from that it does something so weird to me inside a con explain to have units park as you were so reactive what to talk about day is at rosie's time in the villa because we have to do to how fortunately the cursive item typically after sixty wait la can finally see adult show oh on one of the best couple of names developed as the mighty bed has been board first before we get into that here your headlines from last night's episode knee by sam is made to clean up the highway after a allen meghan hey al finally reveals his favorite step song six seven eight and georgia can't quite remember that famous phrase by not judging by its cover the of book makes you pick the book is the story that makes you liked the book so he might not be cooler for book on the shelf thing but it might be the story on you might fall the morning after he didn't catch last night recoupling where where you were doing what is it friday night you had plans whatevs make sure you get back on the it up and catch up ace up before to moro evenings after son an episode emily how you doing i'm good i'm so ready.

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