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40, a long time employee of an assisted living facility in Montgomery county is charged with theft as we hear from WTO's nika and Ellie. Maritza Ramirez had worked at Marion assisted living in brookville for 14 years and now she's in trouble facing several counts of theft. Montgomery county police say the 57 year old woman as an extensive history selling expensive jewelry at pawn shops, including diamond rings and gold necklaces they say she became the focus of an investigation recently after family members have won assisted living resident reported that multiple items of jewelry in a cell phone were missing from the residents secured bedroom. Nick and Ellie WTO P news. President Biden is talking again about the Supreme Court decision that overturned roe V wade. He says he supports a change in Senate rules to protect abortion rights. Mitchell Miller reports from Capitol Hill. I believe we have to codify roe V wade in the law. And President Biden believes the way to do that is to require an exception to the filibuster. The 60 vote filibuster has helped block a wide range of the president's priorities, including voting rights. But while Democrats are pushing the president to do more in the wake of the high court's recent decision, restricting abortion rights, Senate Republicans aren't likely to give in to changes to the filibuster, especially since Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell worked for years to get the conservative Supreme Court majority that reversed roe versus wade. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO. It does look like financial support for a 2024 White House run by Donald Trump is dwindling. CNBC reports some of the GOP's biggest donors are thinking twice about spending money on Trump's campaign, especially after damaging new details were revealed during this week's surprise hearing by the House select committee, investigating January 6th, not to mention the editorial boards at the conservative Washington examiner and Wall Street Journal and other papers are all writing about turning away from Trump. Investigators in Texas have identified the 45 year old driver of a tractor trailer who was accused of trying to smuggle migrants into the U.S., the suspect tried to flee among the survivors, according to officials, at least 53 people have died from riding in the hot trailer, found abandoned in San Antonio. Families from Central America are now getting word of the deaths of their loved ones, including 13 year old cousins, Wilmer tulle, and pasquale Melvin, guajillo from Guatemala. To lose father says he begged him not to go, but he says his son insisted because he wanted a better life. The mother of a deceased migrants Alejandro and Fernando and dino caballero and mother in law of Margie Tamara says there are no opportunities for young people in Honduras. At CBS News Omar via franca. Well, we've got a couple of NBA stars to talk about tonight, both with local routes for different reasons. There's KD, Kevin Durant, saying something about

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