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Just five years ago. That's komo's Joel Moreno. We'll be watching today as a man accused of attacking a man with a baseball bat appears in court. You might recall this story it happened at a bus stop on rainier avenue earlier in the week Friday Seattle police arresting a thirty eight year old convicted felon from investigation of a salt victim Ray, peach in ski is still at Harborview medical center with head injuries. His family says believe the suspect attacker is now in jail, and when he dated teen. Hopefully, it gives them the peace of mind, they they caught the guy, and obviously nobody ever wants something like this to happen. Again, get this police say they found the accused attacker after responding to a Craigslist ad advertising. The same car linked to the attack who's listed there for sale time to fly away from seatac. It's busy times for a couple of weeks. Now pretty much all the way to Easter Combo's. Mary nam explains why you can expect long security lines and scarce parking spots. If you are headed to TAC airport next week. Several local school districts will be on spring break. The busiest travel days will be Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday seatac says if he can he should use public transit just to get to the airport and planned to get there at least two hours early to safely. Make your flight many fans in Pierce county and surrounding areas headed to Tacoma and ordering and Puyallup and Sumner today, it's the annual daffodil parade guard Swanson is going to be the MC for the portion he'll be with us at nine fifteen to show the history of the event, and maybe some secrets as to. The best place to watch the parade with threat of rain and wind. We're hearing some thirty thousand people anyway, the fund will start at ten fifteen in Tacoma Puyallup about twelve forty five to thirty in the parade gets to ordering at about five pm. Call news time is eight ten two run. Double and added. Go ahead. Two run single in the seventh. Chicago White Sox and win home opener against the Mariner's yesterday. Ten eight the final. Komo's Eric Heintz now of the rest of the weekend sports from the Harley exterior sports desk. Spring football drills are underway for the Washington. Huskies former lake Stevens standout Jacob and transferred from Georgia. And after sitting out last season is ready to compete for the starting quarterback job. But head coach Chris Peterson won't just hand him. The starting position isn't really played real football long long time. And so that's the thing. And he's a college guys played one year football. It's got some really good talent. But our other guys do as well. He'll battle Jake Hainer for the starting quarterback job. The Sounders back home for a magic real Salt Lake tonight. Cristian Roldan says the guy's appreciate not having a game in the middle of the week. Anytime there's a mid week game. It kind of Russia's us in.

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