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Okay so one last part of this tillerson story that will take break i'll tell you about the replacements so so let me tell you about one other guy let's go to the next door okay so in the midst of rex tillerson getting fired there was undersecretary at at the state department has amos steve goldstein and he pointed out something that was true that's not a good idea in the trump administration so let's go that story ken my reporting at mediate shortly after tillerson's ouster was publicly confirmed state department undersecretary public diplomacy steve goldstein released a statement saying philipson never spoke to trump about today's decision and had every intention of remaining in his position now that's uncomfortable for the trump administration they wanted to pretend the trump was a decent person and actually called tillerson is just sending a public tweet in having him find out that way well when goals see and exposes that live they're not happy about that so as meyer continues explain this directly challenges the notion that the white house told us secretary he would be phased out and it also rebukes with trump said about how he and tillerson have spoken about this for quote a long time so the tweet might have been previewed by chief staff john kelly earlier friday and saturday that's reporting out today as well so tillerson might known that it was coming but trump never actually did the decent thing of picking up the phone and telling him no he just sent the tweet after tilson made the comments about how russia almost certainly a poison their asian in the united kingdom and then he angrily trump's ends out the tweet later wants to pretend that he did the right thing goes in exposes that so what happens it goes steve.

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