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Welcome back to another interview segment. Joining me tonight as always my stalwart companion who's face. I can actually see which is kinda creepy lucky Dr Jason lives can what has happened. Jalen? Hey, folks. How are you? Hi, folks. Hi, folks. Thanks for joining the show. Also joining us tonight, a guy who's been on the show like a million times, a guy that we run into the Chicago midwinter almost every year, a guy that is basically the favourite of everyone in podcast land, Dr Richardson Blat ridge was happening starting out the podcast with lies lies. I heard lots of them. There is integrating your ally. Was when you asked me to come on the other day was very surprised in always excited. So we have lots to talk about as always because basically retro glad is like he's like, just a walking podcast. You can just put him on this guy in, in whatever he says is gonna make a good. It's a good show, this high school superlative. So a couple things I wanted to ask you about Dr Rosenblatt. I actually you are like the guy who started this got you started to Sirak study club in Chicago. It really shows our age a little bit. When you actually go back as far as you actually started the study club. When did you start your like the first time you started the study club was dragging brandy? The metro. Though, sweet checked loved it. My started in November of two thousand four I believe that Hosh. Yeah. They had Sarah back, then I bought it in, in awe. We got it in August of two thousand three. Yeah. Dos based it was. I would started on a Commodore sixty four us like several floppy disks to get the thing to run slash run Sarah, so you started the study club in two thousand four got you are old. I mean I'm old too, but you are definitely old. So basically, you start to study club out of necessity because you wanted to talk about Sarah, and you wanted you wanted to get people to go that we're doing this things that right? Yeah. I I started it for two. I started anything I may have said this on a podcast in the past. But if I didn't all I'll just admit it again, 'cause it always makes me laugh is. I started the podcast for two reasons. This is pre Sark doctors pre any kind of really like a cohesive training. That was the Saric back then was kind of the wild wild west yet was. Yes, in there wasn't a lot of training. I was we were like the thirty seventh office in Chicago to have a Serik. I think or something like that when we bought it in two thousand and three so I wanted I wanted to get like minded. Together. I figured it would be a cool thing to do that. I wanted to learn how to lecture a little bit, I figured, I've always wanted to teach. So let me get up. Maybe I'll do a lecture and I'll get some lecture some local people, but would end up really wanted to do. It was Harrison restarting training center, like right after I did it at or someone to start a training center. And I thought I deserved to be the trainer there. And so my office wasn't necessarily a full-time Patterson office. So, and so two understanding they hire trainers that were users and use their services and great. But I got mad and I you know, me, I'm always gonna get what I want. So I had to figure out a way to back door my way in. And so I got to study club big enough, and I invited Roddy McLeod out a couple years later, to when he was running the software beta testing program, and he's like, dude, this study clubs huge back in two thousand it was about six when, when I had him come out and, and the huge study clubs like fifty people, you know, I know now. That's. Tiny. But at the time fifty Syracuse all getting together fifty people interested in Cirque was probably what she's like. So you want be a beta tester. I'm like, shrouded with that is mature sounds great. And so they brought me on into beta test, or no six. And then once I started to do that and got in with Rona than they kind of got forced to hire me, as, as a basic trainer, which is what I wanted in the first place. So it was always a method to Madison doing it, but I love it was it was really one of these kind of labor laws when I did it initially. I, I really wanted to learn I, I was all about the learning aspect. I must listen. I've been doing CEO long time as far as just taking classes, you know, one of mean you go back, how many years seven that means your don't tone back in the day. I mean I got I got dental tone two thousand two you already there. And you and I, I mean one of the first things when I bought my office in two thousand seven I didn't have any money to do. See in. I wanted to do that clues. In course so I reach out to milkers and had it in my little off. Office in, you came out, frankly came out and own. Gosh. There were a lot of people are people in in. It was it was a very funny in the first the first night of lecture was in your basement at your house. Yes. It was. It was awesome. Like, like I remember I was running late. I was like, oh, man, I thought he's been d- trouble, and I go in, like you had pizza and people were like just sitting in jeers, and he like, had Mike had, like a little flip board of paper like in literally, the, the first part of the lectures, you know, the first night was just lecture and it was in your basement. That was pretty bold. Yup. I mean, listen, I didn't have any room in that have any money to get electroplating had room yet. Ruined your basement. There you go. Basements size so that worked out. Good. So yes, and that when I think about kind of all the how much I love doing C E in that kind of stuff, I just really wanted to do this, and then as I became then Cirque doctor started in six and my study club is growing, and then we got a new Serik specialist, and my Cirque specialists time his name is Ryan cleary Ryan was amazing. And so every time he would sell Serik he would send me an Email, and I would send an Email back to the user that just bought a machine welcomed into the serach study club and that these are the days, we Mead and this is what we do, and we look forward to having you. So we just organically grew that thing with every sale, every year by the time I stopped doing the study club in two thousand seventeen I think we let me see. It's nineteen. I think I did it sought the at the end of two thousand seventeen I stopped. The study club, we had five hundred eighty three members on my study, man were, and are they were they all Sarah, people were or was Serik or Serik Syra curious. If. You know, also either users or the maybe team members were in on that study club list, potentially, but for the most part, they were all Sarah users. Wow. That's I mean that's that's like kinda kinda concert traded cheer side CAD Cam goodness. If I've ever heard of that's amazing. And I knew I knew you had the huge club. I didn't realize it was really that big. I am curious. I want, I want you to go way back to I want you to go back to when you got your serach. So you're saying two thousand three. Okay. So this was even before, Sarah three D software. This was this was this, the red Cam right at the three D. So when we went to mid winner, and we saw the serach three hours witness OC at a practice in downtown Chicago. And when we saw that three D tooth spinning around on the screen, my boss, and he was a real techy guy. And he was like, all I get it now, basically, and then, one of the main like groups of Serik happened to practice, ten minutes, south of where I live, and he invited us to his office, and we watched him do a he did. There was a patient of the gold crown with the Kanner Neath, and it was to number twenty I'll never forget it. And he went in there. He said all right, we're just gonna take a picture of this tooth before we cut it off. 'cause the crowns in great shape, and we're gonna copy it, and we're gonna millet it out at of vita porcelain and we're gonna put it in and fifty minutes later, the guy walked out with a perfect look in crown, and I was like okay that was the coolest thing I've ever seen. What does happen the Boston right over to the rep and said, all right? Let's just get the paperwork done knows it and then was that's my journey. Start that day. So you're an associate in the office in. He bought it and you guys both kind of started using it together at the same time. Right. That's kind of cool. So, right. From the very beginning you were collaborating because it's not like you were alone in this thing. No, it shows up in your office. What do I do? Next actually had someone you, can you could like play around with it. Yeah, for sure. And he said he was a pretty techie guy. But I was the one that like even before I started the study club, this weird, like we I was me and a couple of local guys got together and one of them was the guy who we went for. A demo at office before there was like any kind of it was like, one eight hundred dentist was what kind of gave us this idea was? We were gonna start. We started pooling money together on a monthly basis. So we started a Bank account, and everyone started putting it on a monthly basis almost like a layaway program, where we would just wanted to get enough cash in the account, and then we hired a marketing agency to come in and create a marketing campaign for us TV ads radio. We were going to basically hire a call center, and we would be able to kind of field. Somebody would call in one visit crown you give them your zip code one of us, whoever was the closest one would get the call in, it was, you know, we really had this whole thing kind of planned out, and then a couple of people got spooked and then back down we ended up not doing it. And that's when I kind of focus my energy, on the study club, interesting interns. Dennis always have as good ideas to join together just seems to hit the fan of time. We are that way. That's kinda true. Yeah. I mean I had thought I had some really pretty good visionary ideas with one of the guidance. It just I think everybody wants that to see the money right away. And I don't blame them. Listen. I was in associate what the hell that I know. But, but it was it was a cool experience in it in a made. But it made me realize how much I really wanted to succeed in this for my practice in just how much it really was kind of I really found the one thing in this industry, that was really singing the me early on in my career. That's really cool. When did you graduate from dental ninety seven? Oh, yeah. So did I. Okay. So I mean you got into this really early like like early enough that, that's I mean you were you were a very young practitioner that point. And you had pre residency in finish that ninety eight practice one year in, like in mystic seaport Connecticut area right around there for year. And then moved out in nine. Nine and started working at the end of night summer of ninety nine started working at this job and stayed there for over ten years as an associate. Okay. So you had your Serik you and you're your an associate with the guy had Sirak in the Serik was at that point, it was the, it was the red Cam that, right? Yup. And it was powder..

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