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Game and we remain tied let's check in with Mike thank you so and we'll get to my need not there we go our okay we are now outside of seventeen Eagels grab the seventeen ten lead on a sixty two yard drive nine plays Boston Scott a seven yard touchdown run on the Dr Carson once a couple of big plays including a fourteen yard pass on a third down two is tied in Dallas Goddard so eagles with the seven D. seventy the ten lead kick off the giants first play from scrimmage se Kwan Barkley goes off right tackle sixty eight yards for a touchdown Barkley had only ten yards on his first eleven carries he gets sixty eight is in there for the score extra point is good we are now tied at seventeen one forty two remaining in the rain here in the third quarter Barkley needed eighty nine yards for a thousand on the year he is still short of that but one quarter to go let's end Adam small lane in Houston right now where the Titans win and they are in and they have extended their lead early fourth quarters Adam bridges back to a fourteen point lead for Tennessee with ten twenty nine to play though they are about the the Texans got within a score but then the heightened answered with a touchdown drive up their own one yard run for Derrick Henry but it was set up by the state really a catch along the sideline right right get the corner right by the I won by AJ brown somehow he was able to catch the ball and double coverage and get both feet bounce that set them up first of all of the wind and Henry punched in brown had a big game today four catches for a hundred and twenty four yards any if you want your touch down a back in the first quarter sections essentially playing all reserves at this point in the game AJ McCarron starting place John walks in seventeen of twenty six for a hundred and seventy nine yards thank the gods touchdown runs from the Karen and also Johnson but again it's all research at this point but the Texans who are walking their playoff spot they will be to force the next week and they will take on the bus or bills Tennessee if they can hold on would take on it in the every day take on that do we quit in the wildcard round next week ten twenty nine to play for down the Titans are about on the lead this game twenty eight fourteen hi the ram is trying to close the Coliseum on a high note but the cardinals of something to say about it let's check it was the fundament what one board around March seventeenth at seven right now four forty three left in the third quarter and it's now a tied game seventeen of seventeen the cardinals just scored on a three yard pass to the mirror bird that coming from karla Murray and not his tied the game after the rain Gonzalez extra points seventeen all now as I mentioned before the rams were up seventeen the seven the cardinals made at seventeen ten just before halftime ana Gonzalez you'll go so the rams have not really show much offensive like in the last quarter and a half now the last drive by the cardinals clearly the cardinals best drive of the day eighty eight yards began at their own twelve one of the key plays a twenty three yard pass from Marie to Max Williams that took the ball inside the ram ten and that's where the cardinals proceeded to score from there as you mentioned this is the final game at the LA Coliseum for the NFL as she will obviously continue to play college ball here but the stadium has great history the rams were the first with the major professional team to come to the west coast in nineteen forty six the first Superbowl took place here and this will be a swansong unless maybe we have some extra time maybe in overtime maybe this and at the life of the policy will go on a bit longer than we expected it will end today at some point right now seventeen all just over four minutes to go in the third quarter thank you Steve we stay out west in Denver where the Broncos extend their lead over the raiders fourth quarter under way here's Bruce Morton thanks rich we have fourteen fifty five to go in the fourth and things are going from bad to worse for the raiders as they now trail sixteen to three Denver has play mistake free football getting points from all for scoring chances most recently a fifty one yard Brandon McManus field goal seconds ago his third of the game the one touchdown came on drew locks one yard pass to Andrew back just before the half so the raiders are getting ready to put the ball in the play from their twenty five they are brown at the bottom of a deep hole here as they trail fourteen fifty five to go fourth quarter it's Denver sixteen Oakland three numbers it's hard to believe that with something online today even if it doesn't come through the the raiders go down like this right but so I I think one time raider followers might say that this is a microcosm not only of the raiders season but really the last ten fifteen years in that they they just don't make clutch plays and they come through with a a bunch of knuckle head penalties as they did aiding Denver's last drive it's something that raider followers of seem quite a bit of over the past ten fifteen years and they're seeing it today thank you very much Bruce Morton will meanwhile giant eagle's head to the fourth tied at seventeen and with an eye on that one of the cowboys and Bruce Morton let's go to Arlington and check in with should say Bob Stevens let's check in with Bob okay six assumes over the phone twenty seven sixteen how one only to with one to get within a touchdown within the cobblers responded with long here got a four yard touchdown pass to gallop we've been catching the ends on a seven play seventy five yard drive then we are red skin cream white back Dustin Hopkins with this store your order okay a twenty eight order was captured on five twenty sixty five York live in the play that's why we came over sixty five are perhaps even in golf because such down past legality I have a couple of questions with the cowboys what got thirty three more touchdown one you know I washed for ninety one yards on forty because god is no one seventeen for twenty five hundred ninety four dollars what is thirty one of eighty five yards and a touchdown so again my duties with doing the first one song our all right let's at the Rogers stockman in Jacksonville right now fourth quarter under way the Jaguars with the ball and the leaders Roger are rich now early in the fourth quarter Jacksonville Lisa twenty four of twenty over the call back and forth game hi Jaguars wire school and I got into the red zone on a big quarterback the quarterback or no man shooting with wide receiver Keelan coal and two plays later jaguar scoring on a touchdown pass to rookie running back rock Carroll arms stand for the score then the Jaguars also scored their two point conversion to get them out twenty four twenty lead over Indianapolis one of the highlights for Jacksonville in this game of gender trickle Josh Lambo three field goals is longer a fifty six yard field goal for transplant right before halftime for Jacksonville posted on the scoreboard scored on a second thought now run for their money back Marlon mark the latest one HR right eight yard run from Iraq I was there for a fifty five yard drops the colts in field goal and almost four schools rob a running back marlin mark Skousen farmers out that came after a twelve play seventy nine yard drive for Indianapolis sat ten for seventeen four hundred and forty three yards passing no touchdown passes for Indianapolis and also their young charges your quarterback bermensch all is twenty five or thirty five two hundred and sixty five yards passing for mention all this is for the Jaguars right now thirteen minutes ago left to go in the ballgame Jacksonville's on top of Indianapolis our score of twenty four to twenty and the Pittsburgh right so should say to Baltimore we go with the Steelers with the ball trailing the ravens by nine early fourth is correct yeah but they're gonna have to ponder about back to the ravens and that's what they're gonna do right now on the trail by nine nineteen to ten Justin Tucker with the sports field moments ago forty seven yarder to give the ravens that nine point lead in the ravens have rushed the football issue which would expect today team total a hundred and eighty three yards and US Edwards has a hundred and fourteen and then on fifteen carries Robert Griffin the third getting the starting quarterback today from a mark Jackson ten of eighteen for ninety yards is another thirty five yards on the ground stops Hodges was client for intentional grounding on right just a moment ago and that forced distillers to have the point they had a third and four but they might lose the down on that play he is nine of twenty four ninety five yards Benny Snell be alone touch down today for the Steelers he's got eighty two yards and it was anything else I'm sorry four yard touchdown run right now eleven fourteen to plan a fourth quarter ravens have the bar back deep in their own territory but they have a nine point lead nineteen at ten thank you Greg and no J. Kelly it on for a fifty yard attempt Jody is certainly within his range and he knocks it through it looks like the gap it is good so from fifty he puts the eagles ahead twenty seventeen a minute combine the fourth quarter and you know just thinking about this Jody I I thought there would be no way the eagles granted they've they've been banged up but I still didn't think there would be any way the eagles would lose today at MetLife stadium to the giants and right now it's a three point game early moments of the fourth quarter of the running out of gas with all these injuries or would this be a huge disappointment for the eagles or did you just say you know what you gonna do with this one on my it'll be a disappointment no one can argue that but if you look at what they're working with right now acted far as skill position goes you got car to went to quarterback you got Boston Scott is your loan running back into other running backs are one was supposed to be activated today they said a week ago or I can take all week but from Thursday on look like who's going to play yet today he's gonna be activated game time they decide not to activate Howard so what Miles changes their lead back injured in the game so Boston Scott is there only running back that they have right now who was of course elevated from the practice squad their receivers Josh Perkins died an elevated from the practice squad Robert Davis elevated from the practice squad beyond day Burnett just made a big catch elevated from the practice squad they're entirely thieving Cork is warmer practice squad guide for the eagles the fact that guards of which is moving a football at all with the weapons that the ads out there now is nothing short of a miracle I I would agree with me and I think once is redeemed himself down the stretch here after two seasons of major injuries he looks more like the guy pre ACL than ever I just saw a great tweet from eagle fan it said words from the football gods Carson Wentz doesn't get hurt everyone else on the team dies that's been the eagles season right now they have thirty minutes left at a three point.

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