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We looked at a memorial any reminded us spacecraft. A lot of signs said it was a spacecraft. But think about this ultimate ultimately is a. Actually, kind of a same. Lob cited bowling pin shaped, it's two lobes attached by narrow neck and that comet sixty seven p. Look like that as well. Members sixty seven p was sending a communication to to. What was the name of the probe Rosetta Rosetta Rosetta rec-? Have you got that handed to play? I play it in a little bit. Yeah. Let me find it beget something that was shaped exactly like ultimate throughly sent a communication message to Rosetta, and it was picked up and Rosetta played it back. And so the idea of it being again, a model shaped like that that has the neck and the the two lobes having a being strangely a lopsided. I mean to have that twice in two instances where we've come in contact with kind of bizarre and the idea that sixty seven actually. Sent out a signal. I mean, we can get a signal from this as well. Maybe. Wouldn't that be interesting because they do have radio for receiving as they flew by. I mean, I think the signal coming from sixty seven p what we call a proximity beacon, we close enough to something and you either get a warning. But you get an acknowledgement whatever I'm looking in my file year to see if I've got this handy to play because you gotta have these things handy, you know, realize until during the break, you know, remember, I didn't realize that when we look at sixty seven p and we because Rosetta fifty seven and a while ago. But it'll be a lot of people realize that the model the shape in the model of the neck. And I I've got I've got sixty seven I got I got let me play you. This is the clip it's called the song of comet sixty seven p and we're gonna play it for you right now. This is what they found earlier..

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